First day of school revisited

I thought I would just give you guys a little update on Abby’s first day of school yesterday, since the start of it didn’t go exactly as smoothly as I had imagined – you can read about it here if you haven’t already.

Our little Abby. She can be wild, she can be challenging, she can be tuff – but deep down, she is such an emotional little girl. When we picked her up her eyes got all teary and she gave us a huge hug, but she was happy. She had – as expected – had a good day.

I went to the library and I learned Japanese.

Boom! Straight into it. Not that she could remember a word of what she had learned. That will come – and to boost her Japanese learning curve I am already dreaming of a trip to Japan sometime soon-ish. For purely educational purposes, of course. It will benefit her education immensely if she knows how to ski on a Japanese slope, I’m sure.

So, how about my worries about all of her friends being in the other class? Well, as soon as she went outside to the playground she went straight to her new best friend – who is in the other class. They are like two peas in a pod. AND he lives in our street. They are freakin’ cute – and his parents are really nice too. It’s all good. They can be in separate classes and still be friends, obviously.

However, we are actually contemplating moving her, if possible. Not only because of my little cry yesterday (again, see yesterday’s post here), but more due to some other circumstances surrounding the class structure. E.g. the other class is a mix of prep and year one students, and Abby actually should have started prep last year, hence be in year one this year. That means she is the oldest in her class at the moment, while in the other class she would be mixed with both younger kids, kids of her own age and older kids. That seems a good mix to me, but we will have a chat to her teachers and the principal and hear their view on the matter and take it from there.

After school we went straight to pick Billie up from preschool and from there to the pool for a swim and Abby’s swimming lesson. It was a bit of a test, really. I had my doubts that she would get anything at all out of her swimming lesson after a long (first) day of school – how wrong I was. She has never been so focused and hard working in a swimming lesson before. Maybe it helped a bit, that her new coach is called Lucas – the first male teacher she has ever had – she definitely wanted to impress him 🙂

Afterwards we treated the girls to pizza and ice cream in Bulimba. To be honest, it was mainly because I couldn’t be f**ked cooking dinner. The pizza was good, the ice cream was better – and the non-cleaning after dinner was the best.

It really was a great day! Until we found out Abby had a high fever and had fever night mares all evening. Poor little one. She was so sad she would miss out on her second day of school – but the little trooper has the strongest immune-system in town and was completely fever free this morning.

So off to school she went.

Happy as ever❤️