New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

2019 will be the year! The year of change! The year of new beginnings! The year of shit loads of healthy stuff! The year of no sugar, no TV, no alcohol, no, no, no! sure will. Not for me, though. 2019 have started out pretty much where 2018 took off and it's quite okay, [...]


The observant Scandiroo reader might have noticed a lag of posts from me lately. To be honest, I have struggled to find something to write about. You see, when I started this little blog of mine I wished to make it essentially about positive things going on in my life. You know, happy little stories about [...]

We’ve Started Billie On Solids – Didn’t Bother With Puree

Why bother with puree and baby rice meal, when you can have popcorn? I know what I prefer. Yesterday Abby had popcorn. Like she has every other day, really. Josh and I are way too quick to give in when she is nagging us, because she's "soooooo hungry" - but won't touch an apple. She [...]