Sunday Blues and My Empathy Super Heroes

I have been a bit down this weekend. Especially today I basically just wanted to go back to bed. I have had no energy and everything has been a struggle. It might sound relatively normal for a mum with a teething baby, but for me it is an alarm bell I have to take seriously. If not, things can get a lot worse – I am planning on writing more about my mental health, but it takes time and curage, so for now I’ll just tell you my little Sunday story. It’s actually a feel good one, if you stay ’til the end 🙂

Mummy is just gonna paint a wall

Luckily Josh caught me before I really fell – he took the girls and sent me to bed in the airconditioned bedroom. A nap and a cool down (it’s bloody hot here atm.) gave me enough energy to go and paint the bathroom. As you do, right? Maybe not your average stress-down activity, but when I struggle in my mind it helps me to focus on a specific hands-on task. This bathroom has been a running project for weeks now. Stressful in itself.

I sweated and painted for four hours.

Meanwhile I could hear the girls play together in the garden. Play. Not fight.

Then, at one point I could hear screaming from the living room. Billie fell down the stairs and bled from her lip. Apparently Abby “accidentally” pushed her. Well, I went out to save, what I thought was, the sinking ship. While I gave Billie a cuddle, Abby came over and said sorry, gave her a kiss and they shook hands (that’s Billie’s thing these days) and hugged each other. Then all was good and they went outside to play happily together again.

Wait, what just happened?

A little later Abby came and slit a drawing under the bathroom door. She made it to make me feel better. You see, when I don’t feel good we let the girls know that mummy is tired or maybe even a bit sad. Then they accept that I need a break and they, somehow, get extra loving and caring towards me – but also towards each other. It’s like some kind of “family above all”- thing is happening.

My Emphatic Super Heroes

While I was wrapping up my painting I could hear the girls talking to Josh:

“Mummy has painted a lot today. I think she’s trying to make us proud of her. I am proud of her, but she doesn’t need to paint so much. I am always proud of her”

Oh, my heart!

I am so proud of them. They often drive me nuts, but their intuition of when they need to step up is (almost always) spot on. It becomes so obvious that they do have loads of empathy hiding underneath their cheeky, rascal surfaces.

The Flower Dilemma

Actually Abby is in quite a dilemma due to her emphatic nature. It can be hard to have loads of empathy and be an aspiring scientist at the same time, I tell ya.

So, Abby wants to find out if flowers have feelings (don’t ask). Josh set an experiement idea up for her: get two similar flowers. Plant them in similar pots, place them next to each other and give them exactly the same amount of water. Then, one flower you keep telling how much you love and the other you keep telling how much you hate. Then, if flowers do have feelings, the loved one will flourish and the hated one will die. Logic.

Abby gets the idea and really wants to try the experiment. However, she is very worried about doing the experiement in case flowers actually DO have feelings – because she doesn’t want to make any flowers sad. Oh dear.

Mummy, are you okay?

At dinner Billie said to me: “now mummy, you don’t have to paint anymore” and gave me a kiss and a cuddle. I think it was her way of saying “mummy, are you okay? I hope you are feeling better.

And I do feel better. Exhausted, but better. Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep. Ready for the Monday rush in the morning.

Oh, and I actually do have to paint some more. The little sucker of a bathroom needs another coat. Exciting when that’s going to happen.


In Other News

It’s back to reality around here. The University of Queensland is back on this week. Josh started on Monday and I am going there tomorrow – I only have to go once a week, every Thursday from 9am. – 6pm. Making a day of it, you know.

We still haven’t really figured out the logistics of it all but that will come. Right?

Besides uni, both Josh and I are currently looking for part-time jobs to pay our rent and our camping trips. It’s been a bit harder than expected, to be honest. It’s not easy finding a job in a city where your network is tiny and when your last real job was 6 years ago in Denmark.

Last weekend I actually took a 5 hour barista course to get a little bit more on my CV. If it will lead to an actual barista job time will show. No matter what, it was fun to learn something new and I now know the actual difference on a cappuccino, a latte and a flat white.

And yes, I dream of going camping a lot more. Once we’re all settled in with uni and jobs and what-not we’ll start planning. Straddie, Byron and somewhere up north is definitely on the list. Fresh air, sandy feet and surf beaches are a must.

We still haven’t finished painting our bathroom.

The weather has cooled down a bit here. We can really feel the autumn coming our way – today it’s only 27 degrees and I am actually wearing a long sleeve as I type.

Today is my mother’s 75. birthday. I really wish we were in Denmark to help celebrate her. It sucks being so far away on these occasions. Thankfully we have FaceTime and we will sing her a little song later tonight.

Ohh, and Abby just lost her first tooth in school today. My little trooper didn’t even tell her teacher, because she was scared of getting in trouble. The tooth fell our in the middle of a lesson where she was “supposed to be learning stuff, not play with her tooth”. We assured her she would never get in trouble for loosing a tooth – or the teacher would be in trouble with us.

We have started a family tradition around our dinner table each night. Everyone has to say three things that made them happy during the day. It can be big or small. Billie usually says something in the line of “I was happy in the sand pit” and “I just love my whole family”. Tonight I will definitely say, that I am happy to see so many people have tuned into my little blog lately.

Thank you!


We’ve Got a School Child

Abby started school today. Real school. Big school, as she calls it. Wow!…I thought I was cool about it. I wasn’t. Not at all. I freakin’ cried when I left the classroom. What?! Obviously it was partly due to the fact that my first born all of a sudden has grown up and starts school – and that I lay awake half the night reminiscing all of our fun times together at home and out and about the past 5.5 years (somehow all the tantrums and conflicts had already faded).

However, it knocked me over that it wasn’t what I had expected. I had prepared for one thing in my mind and I wasn’t ready for this. I wasn’t ready for the chaos. It seemed extemely chaotic in the room and, more importantly, I wasn’t prepared for not knowing anybody.

Before Christmas Abby went to prep orientation on two different days. Days where she spent two hours in the prep-room with other future prep-kids while us parents (read.mums) were hanging out together in the yard. It was actually really nice. After those two days I had a great feeling in my stomach and in my heart – this was going to be good. Good for Abby and good for me. You see, Abby connected with some really nice kids, who she already started calling her friends – kids who had mums who I also connected with. Say what?!! Ever since Abby was a baby everyone has been saying “just wait ’til she starts school, that’s when you’re going to get a great network of friends amongst the other parents”. Yeah, I have always been a bit sceptical about this, since finding new friends amongst my kids’ friends’ parents have been a bit up hill so far. However, during those orientation days I actually felt like it was going to happen. It didn’t feel awkward, it just felt pretty nice and natural to hang out with these other mums. That, my friends, means a lot to someone who gets minor anxiety everytime I have to get near anything parent-related.

So, back to today. Abby started prep and in amongst all the chaos there were no familiar faces. No kids or adults we knew. All the kids who she connected with during orientation have gone into the other class. Auch!

She somehow felt the same as me, I’m sure. She started crying and didn’t want to let go of me. I hadn’t expected her to react like that at all, but I cannot blame her. She expected to walk into a room of familiar faces and there were none. Thankfully, a teachers aid who she had met during orientation came and helped her settle. And at least I didn’t cry until we had left the room. Geez. I used to be so tuff.

But hey, I know she’ll be fine. I know she’ll make friends in her class in no time. But I still think it sucks that she’s not in the class with the kids with the mums that I like – buhuuu! (I know, I know…there probably are some really nice parents amongst this new group as well, it was just so calming to know that I had already crossed the awkward “hi, so…yeah, I’m Abby’s mum – which kid is yours? Where abouts do you live”-part).

Phew! Okay, now that it’s out of my system (thanks for listening), I’ll try to enjoy the first day in a loooong time with only one child around. And I cannot wait to pick up my Abby in 4 hours – I’m sure she’ll be all smiles – and so will I❤️

BIG NEWS! We’re moving to Queensland!

I have been so very excited to be able to tell you guys these news – there has been a lot of practical stuff and paperwork and what-not that had to fall into place, but we can finally make it official that we are moving to Brisbane. Next week!

The butterflies are going nuts in my stomach as I write this. We are leaving the house and the area that has been our home for the past 4.5 years to move 1000 km. away – obviously saying goodbye to the well-known and safe environment surrounding us to say hello to a big, unknown city and, with that, new opportunities, adventures and hopefully an exciting future.

Our little house on the corner is up for lease already!

Two weeks ago all this was still nothing but a flimsy, dreamy idea. Then we went to an open house while on our weekend away in Brisbane – two days later we had applied and gotten accepted for our new, coming home. Just like that!

Is it daunting? Hell yeah! But in that good kinda daunting way, you know.

So, why do we do it?

The short version is that we need a change and ever since I came to Australia I have dreamed of living in the climate they have in Queensland, therefore it’s been obvious that we should look north.

The longer version is a bit more complex. We moved to Wollongong 4.5 years ago and we have never really settled in. We feel like we have definitely given it a fair chance here. 4.5 years is a long time, when you are not feeling at home and it doesn’t seem to get any better any time soon.

We also miss having some more opportunities close by. I miss the buzz of the city. I miss parks to walk in. I miss paths to run on. I miss being able to walk places. I am sooooo sick and tired of having to get into our car every time we want to leave the house.

Our new house is a cute old Queenslander in the middle of Kangaroo Point. Kangaroo Point is quite central in Brisbane and we will be able to walk or ride our bikes to several parks, to the river and even to the CBD if need be.

It will be sad and very emotional to say goodbye to the close friends and awesome neighbours we do have here, but we already have some good(yet new) friends in Brisbane, so we will not be completely alone in the beginning. I also have a pretty good gut feeling that we will build up a network there a bit easier and faster than we’ve been able to here. No matter what, we will definitely have each other and we know that we are pretty damn good at getting through ups and downs and everything in between together, so I don’t actually worry (too much) about it all – but yes, there is A LOT of practical stuff that has to be sorted very fast when you decide to move 1000 km away within two weeks. In case you were wondering 😉

Last day of preschool in NSW

My biggest worry is, of course, the girls. How will they cope? How will a big move affect them?


Last day of preschool in NSW

Today Abby went to preschool where they were learning about emotions and feelings. The teacher asked them, what made them feel happy. Some answered ice cream, others answered presents. Abby answered Queensland! Maybe I cried a bit when I read that (on the preschool app). Maybe.

I hope and believe Queensland will make all of us happy!





Our Merry Christmas & pretty average New Year 2017

First of all, I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and a great start to the new year! 2018 is well on it’s way. Just like that. Lets make it a good one, shall we?


And now, for the interested, a little bit about how we spent our Christmas and New Years here in Australia.

Christmas Down Under is always an emotional one for me. All I really want for Christmas is to be with my family in Denmark, so to celebrate it here – pretty much as far away as I can get – is not always easy.

This year we had a dream to fly home for the Holidays. A dream that I somehow kept alive up until the very week of Christmas. Because of this I mentally didn’t prepare for Christmas here. I didn’t plan anything. I didn’t even buy any presents.

Then reality hit. The plane tickets skyrocketed and there was no way we were going to make it to Denmark this year. Then I realized that I had to get to work. I had to start organizing Christmas. In less than a week. Thank f*ck for online shopping and express shipping.

Josh’s sister Sarah got a last-minute invite for our Danish Christmas Eve here on the 24. and she brought along her dad (Josh’s stepdad) and his girlfriend.

Our “main Christmas event” is Christmas Eve on the 24. Dec. That’s what we call Christmas and that’s what we count down to in our family.

So, how does a traditional Danish Christmas Eve go down in a country far, far away from Denmark?

We actually try to keep it as true to the “real deal” as possible – without the cold and the rain (yes, it rarely snows in Denmark for Christmas). To put it short, it’s something about the food, the hygge and the traditions – and the presents, but of course. And the dancing around the Christmas tree!!!

This year we started the evening around 4-5 pm. when the guests arrived for some hygge and some welcome drinks. Then at around 7 pm. we sat down around the decorated table and begun our Christmas dinner. This is a very important part of our Christmas – sitting together around the table enjoying lots of food and each other’s company. This year we had pork roast on the menu. In Denmark we would also have had duck, sausages and danish meatballs, but since I am no master of the brown cooking (all the food is literally brown), I tried to keep it relatively simple with just the pork roast, normal boiled potatoes, brown (caramelised) potatoes, gravy, red cabbage salad and potato chips. That I kept it simple didn’t mean I couldn’t fuck it up. And I did. The crackling wouldn’t pop on the roast in the BBQ. The sauce got waaaaay too salty at first. I burned the sugar for the browend potatoes and I forgot to put the chips on the table. But I almost saved it all, I think. At least the others pretended to love the food. Even Billie. Abby, not so much.

And I definitely didn’t ruin the dessert. Actually, it was pretty damn good, if you ask me.

For dessert we have a traditional Danish rice pudding called Risalamande (sounds french, it’s not). It’s a rice pudding with chopped almonds in it and topped with warm cherry sauce. The funny twist is that there is also one whole almond hiding in there and whoever gets that whole almond wins the almond present. Fun and games, fun and games. This years proud winner – Joshua Ray McMahon.


After dinner it was time to light the Christmas tree. That’s right, we put real candles on our tree and one of the traditions in our family is that the dad(‘s) light the tree while everyone else wait in another room. To get back into the living room to see the tree with all the candles on it is quite magical. Then we dance and sing around the tree. Yep, we do that. We hold hands while we walk around the tree singing Christmas carols – and the last song “Nu’ det jul igen” takes everyone all around the house running in a long line. It’s pretty fun and then it’s finally time to sit down and open all the presents. Finally!

Abby and Billie found all the presents under the tree and shared them around to the right people while going nuts opening their own presents. At this point the adults have a drink and some snacks and it’s very nice and hyggeligt.

And that was a wrap (all over the floor!).

On the 25. Dec. we do the Australian Christmas. Usually we go up to Sydney to have a Christmas lunch/dinner with Josh’s family, but this year we did things a bit differently.

We have some good friends here in Wollongong who months ago invited us to be a part of their family’s Christmas this year. What an honour. And, as we realized we wouldn’t make it to Denmark this Christmas, we took them up on it. Of several reasons. By staying local we would avoid the drive back from Sydney late at night, meaning the girls would get to bed at a decent time – our children rarely fall asleep in the car on the way home at night. They easily stay awake even at 9-10pm. Josh had to get up to work at 7am. on the 26th. and work for 12 hours, so a nice evening at home was appreciated.

Furthermore, Christmas in Josh’s family is extremely casual, relaxed and non-formal. Which isn’t a bad thing, really. However, I have always wanted to experience another kind of Aussie Christmas. One where there’s an abundance of food and Champagne (even though I couldn’t have any of that this year, boohoo!).

I didn’t get disappointed at the Hingstons’ Christmas feast. We were welcomed as part of their lovely family and the food – ohh my god, the food! – there was so much and it was so delicious. Firstly, we had seafood galore. Gigantic shrimps and oysters were shared around. And even though seafood is not my favourite, to say it in a nice way (which I’m trying to teach my children, so I’ll try to be a good example here), I actually enjoyed eating the biggest shrimp I ever did see.


Then the mains were served. So much goodness. Lamb roast, ham, turkey, salads, sauces, roast potatoes and bla bla bla. All homemade and fresh and yummy. We were pretty full once the dessert was served. Or should I say desserts. Again, so much deliciousness on the table. Cake, pudding, ice cream…I can’t even mention everything here. You get the point by now.

It was a very lovely day, we did not go home hungry and we even got to play backyard (on the street) cricket. Only thing missing to make it a “real” Aussie Christmas was the sun. We did miss that old mate a bit.

Thankfully the sun did come back for a short while when we went camping with the Hingstons (yes, the ones with the Christmas feast) for a couple of days before New Years. It was our tiny little bit of holiday during the Christmas and New Years period and it was great to have two days together as a family spend with good friends by the beach.


We got back home on the 31st around 2pm. We were all tired and none of us really had the energy or will to make a great deal out of NYE. Josh had to go to work at 7am. on the 1st. of January – I know, brutal! So, we ended up eating a rather plain meal together ,before we drove up to the top of Mount Keira to see the 9pm. fireworks from above. That was pretty spectacular and both girls were exhausted when we drove home. So were Josh and I, really. We did, however, manage to stay up ’til midnight, watch the Sydney fireworks on TV and share half a glas of wine (we forgot to buy champagne…). Boom!


2018 may not have started particularly extraordinary for us – but we do have a lot of dreams and hopes for the year to come. Of course, we will add another child to the family in around five months, but besides that we might have some huge News coming very soon. Stay tuned!

Love M.



We took a chance. And we are so very happy that we did.

The steepest train in the world. Photo credit:

This past week we have had a Danish family of four – Mom Jeanette, Dad Jonas, Marvin 5 years, and little baby Dexter 8 months – living with us. We had never met them before they arrived here – at least not in real life – so it was a bit of a gamble if having them here would be a success or a complete disaster.

Jeanette runs the Danish blog Little Huge Love and we have found each other on Instagram some months ago in connection with her planning her family’s trip to Australia and me being a Dane already living here. In August they moved to Canberra for three months in connection with Jonas’ job and are now doing a bit of a Down Under round trip. Their first stop was: Our house in Wollongong.

To be honest I was a little bit worried about how this would all turn out. I mean, what if we had nothing to talk about? What if the kids couldn’t connect? What if it got too intense for us to have strangers living in our home? What if? What if? What if?

I love being social but I also need my own space. And I can actually quite easily get mentally overwhelmed if I have to be around people I don’t feel 100% comfortable with. It drains me to be ‘ON’ – especially when I’m tired and pregnant. So, to say ‘yes’ to a whole family of strangers to live with us for a week was quite daunting for me.

But I did it. And I have no regrets. Neither has Josh. And the girls have had the best time.

Children are so damn cool.

Kiama Blow Hole

The Blue Mountains, Scenic World. Photo credit:

Making a castle. Photo credit:

The kids have played extremely well together. There has literally been less than five conflicts between them all week. Even the language barrier, that I was actually a bit worried about beforehand, was no real issue. Abby, of course, understood everything Marvin said, since she understands Danish perfectly. The problem with her and other Danish children normally is that she doesn’t speak the language fluently. She answers them in Australian and that can create some major communication problems and even frustrations and conflicts.

But the fact that Marvin has lived three months in Canberra, where he got used to the Australian language and even learned some words and phrases, helped a lot. He actually understood most of what Abby said and I also think he enjoyed that she understood everything he said, since the children he played with in Canberra most likely didn’t.

They quickly found each other and not only did Marvin learn some more Australian, Abby’s Danish language has also developed tremendously this past week just by hanging out with her new friend. Even Billie has started to say some words in Danish now. I love it. I hope we can maintain and maybe even expand the Danish vocabulary they have build up. At least I now know that they have the ability to speak Danish build into their growing, little brains and it’s not hiding too deep inside. Hurra!

Beach Time in Wollongong


Little photographer apprentice in Kiama

Friendships truly were formed in our home during this past week. Hey, today I spent half an hour comforting Abby and Billie because they ‘already miss their friends!’

Actually, I got a little bit emotional too. I thought I would be relieved to have our home to ourselves again, but I didn’t really feel that. Instead I felt a bit numb.

Of course, it’s always a bit sad to say goodbye to friends leaving, even if they are new friends, but the fact that they are Danish plays a huge role for me. It felt really, really nice to have someone here that understands where I’m coming from, understands the issues I’m dealing with, and shares the same deeply rooted Danish values. And also, just to be able to speak my own language for a bit. And hear my children speak it too. It all felt very natural and pretty relaxed most of the time, something that isn’t always a given for us down here.

Chillaxing after the girls’ birthday party

Hey, it was also quite practical to have some extra persons living here! When we were preparing the girls’ birthday party on Saturday they helped out heaps(!) Had it not been for Jeanette there would probably have been no homemade caramel slices, strawberry tarts or chocolate cupcakes to serve, and if it hadn’t been for Jonas our grass would not have been freshly mowed when the guests started arriving.

We owe them a HUGE thanks for the help – and we hope that we have been good hosts and given them a nice start to their wonderful holiday in Australia and Fiji. We did manage to show them around Wollongong a bit and took them on a day-trip up to the Blue Mountains, so there is no doubt that we have had a really nice week ourselves. Lots of good times and lots of good company. We cannot complain.

A happy little family in The Blue Mountains

We can only encourage others to open their homes to “strangers”. It’s definitely a ‘seeeee ya, later’ to the Mortensen’s and we are already looking forward to welcoming other friends into our home someday soon – old or new.

But for now Josh will enjoy that he doesn’t need to wear clothes(!) around the house all the time and lets see if we can manage to get back into a normal daily routine before Christmas. I doubt it.

Boys get tired too.

Have a happy Monday everyone!



We have kept a little (huge) secret for a while, but now it’s finally official. As we announced on Facebook and Instagram the other day we cannot wait to welcome our third baby in May 2018. I say May, it could be June. The due date is set to the 29. May, but Billie was 9 days overdue so yeah…it will definitely be in 2018.

And we are all very excited. As a matter of fact I think I am more excited this time around than I have been with the other two. For several reasons, I guess, but mainly because I know this will be our last one – yes, it will – and I am quite determined to enjoy every little bit of the whole baby experience. I will enjoy it as much as I possibly can with two additional little rascals to look after simultaneously. I know how fast time flies by. It really isn’t just a cliché. Hey, Billie turns two next week – I feel like we got her a blink of an eye ago (and a life time ago at the same time…).

Sisters connecting

Baby Billie a couple of weeks old

Baby Abby’s first milk & first solids

Also, I am probably a bit more grounded in terms of pregnancy, giving birth and taking care of a brand new human. Even though no child is the same and all that jazz we are pretty confident that we know how to wing it all by now. At least we know for sure, that we just gotta take things as they come, go with the flow and, hopefully, it will all be alright…

And yes, it was planned. Actually it’s the most planned baby we will ever have. Maybe that’s partly why I’m so excited too. Abby was not planned at all. Billie was kinda planned. The considerations wether to have another baby after Billie or not have been pretty thorough. Should we just keep it at two? After all, two is a party, I tell ya. But three would potentially be a rave, right? Who doesn’t love a rave!..and then my cousin had her third baby in May this year. A beautiful little baby boy born on the 29. May – yes, that would be baby #3’s due date – and it made me clucky. It also made me convinced that baby #3 is a great idea. And there was no turning back. The decision was made. We would go for #3. Case settled!

Then we decided that it would have to be soon. Of several reasons.

We are seeing how Abby and Billie’s relationship is growing day by day the older Billie gets and the relatively small age gap between them seems to work quite well, so why not go for the same one again? Actually, the gap between Billie and #3 will be almost exactly the same as between Abby and Billie. So yeah, we nailed that one.

Then there’s the fact that I cannot run away from. My age. I am now 35 years old and will be (just) 36 when our third baby arrives and personally I find it a good age to stop the baby making game. Mostly because I really want to get it overwith. It sounds a bit cynical, I know, but it’s true. Not that I don’t like having little babies in our house. I love it. But it’s also hard work and it’s nice to know that we will be past that point when I reach the big 4-0(!)

There were also some practical considerations coming into play like Josh’s studies, us not knowing exactly where in the world we’ll be in four-five years, me going home with the kids anyway (I do like to go back to work and/or study again someday)…and bla bla bla…

Bottom line is – we made a decision. And tomorrow I am 13 weeks pregnant. Yay!

So, on Tuesday we finally went for the 12 weeks ultrasound. We had to bring both the girls – and why not. This baby will be just as much a part of their lives as it will of ours and now they are very much included in this whole baby #3 project.

We hadn’t actually told them what was going on until we were on our way there and they both got really excited when they realized that mummy has a baby in her tummy.

Of course, Billie doesn’t understand much of what’s actually going on, but she can see that we are excited and Abby’s excitement definitely rubs off on her. She loves babies and, for the record, she is NOT a baby herself anymore. If you should make the HUGE mistake of calling her that. So help you, God!

To witness Abby’s reactions have been quite touching, actually. Last time she was Billie’s age when I fell pregnant, so this time she is obviously much more aware of what is going on – and what it all means for her in the long run. We didn’t know exactly what to expect from her. She likes babies but she’s not obsessed with them like other kids can be, so it wasn’t a given that she would love the idea of another little one in the house. But she is extremely excited. She keeps telling us that she can’t wait until the new baby arrives and she can’t believe she’s going to have another sister or brother soon.

Both of the girls were very interested in seeing the baby on the screen. Until they weren’t interested anymore, that is. Then they were just being noisy and impatient.

And lets just talk about ultrasound people for a bit. What’s the deal with them? I might just have been unlucky, but every single ultrasound I have had has been done by someone who basically didn’t communicate with us at all. Only a bit of mumbling…”there’s a foot”…”there’s the brain”…”mmm”…”mmmm”…No emotions. No smiles. No questions. No nothing. Maybe they are just trying to be professional, but surely they can be professional and still show just a tiny bit of human interest. At least acknowledge the two children in the room a bit. Yes? No? Anyways, she did do a good job in terms of doing her actual job. She was very thorough and the baby seemed to have all the features a 12 week old feetus is supposed to have. No more, no less. So far, so good.

Excited much ❤

The sex is still a surprise but we will keep you updated on that matter in around 8 weeks time.

Until then, bring on the joy of the second trimester, please. Because I am pretty much over this first trimester thing. I have been feeling the morning sickness on a daily basis the last couple of months and I have been extremely tired. The morning sickness is annoying. It’s not cool to constantly feel hungover without going to any parties, but for me the worst part is the constant tiredness. Lack of energy is poison for me. It affects my mood and combined with hormones on steroids that’s really not a good combo. So I am hoping that one of those amazing second trimester energy boosts (that’s a thing, right?) will come my way very soon. Fingers crossed!

In the end, to all the many, many lovely people out there wishing us congratulations – we cannot tell you how much it means to us. It melts our hearts to know that so many people around the world are following our little journey and care for our family. Thank you guys!

There’s definitely room for one more