Do something for yourself, he said

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I have a pretty awesome boyfriend, I must admit.

Don’t tell him, though. It’ll make his ego fly to the moon and beyond. It’s already pretty big. That ego of his. It probably has something to do with an IQ-test we took recently. He might have beaten me. Only by a very few points, of course. But yeah, he did turn out to be slightly more intelligent than me – that makes him very intelligent!..

These days he’s working a lot next to his uni studies. That combined with me being 32 weeks pregnant, emotional, bored, and frustrated that my body feels like a fat 80-year-old’s is not the best combo ever seen on planet earth.

Today, for instance, Abby is in pre-school and Josh has been working all night, so he has been sleeping all morning. Then, when he woke up he had to go straight to uni. And there I was. In my chill outfit feeling all depressed about not knowing what to do with myself – cleaning was not an option and my brain did not care about writing texts for work at all. Ohh yeah btw., not many of you know but I actually have a job now. I’m working as a text writer for a Danish company. The work is not exactly rocket science but it does put a bit of cash money into my account. Much needed.

Anyway, today I was not in the least productive, which actually makes me feel sick and tired of everything. Myself included. So when Mr. Productive woke up just to go straight to uni, I was being all emotional and even cried when he had to leave. Not a very pretty sight, I tell you. What he did? Gave me a hug, cleaned off the mango I had stuck to my chin from breakfast, and told me I should do something for myself today.

Boom. Just like that and he made my guilty conscience about my depressive laziness vanish.

So, what to do?! Watch a movie or read a book would only make me fall asleep today. I had a long, nice bath yesterday and actually find it rather boring. The weather sucks so doing something outside would not be very joyful. I could get drunk, smoke cigarettes, and play dart on the balcony. Then again, not really. Solution…

I’m back on the blog.

He made me write again without even saying so. But I realized that this is actually one of the things that makes me feel good. Something just for me. And it does feel rather good to be back in the blogging game, actually.

Now, this ode to my hard working man better stop before it gives him too much “i’m sooooo good”-ammo to use in the future – just a bit of well deserved praise once in a while will do.

Hopefully, I will be back with more blah blah from Down Under in the near future, when I take some time to do something for myself again – I’ll do my best to make that before another six months.

Take care! And try to do something for yourself today. It works wonders.

Dear Pre-School, give us a spot. Now!

Weekend. Weekend. Weekend. IT’S WEEKEND!

You might have read my post about having loads of energy and being a Victory Mum earlier this week?! Awesome, right?! Yeah, that’s not so much the case anymore. Mayn, ohhhh mayn, what a long week this has been.

Let me just start out by promising that I will never ever again claim that parents who choose to stay at home with their children are taking the easy way out. Promise! Holy moly, to entertain a toddler for a whole week in a row is pretty hard work, I must admit. Neither will I agree with those who claim that it is always the best option for the child to stay at home with mummy/daddy/granny. But I won’t get further into that discussion now.

Right now I am as pro daycare, or pre-school as it is called here, as any mum could be.

Being home alone with Abby basically every day from Sunday through to Saturday has made both me and her go a tiny bit nuts. Especially since the weather suddenly turned from beautiful summer to “wait, am I in Denmark on a rainy winter day?”-grey, which made it less than boring to walk to playgrounds or beaches with the stroller. Hence, we have been home a lot this week.

In my pre-kids-life I always pictured myself as becoming one of those cool mums that does all sorts of cool stuff with my kids on rainy days. Like, creative stuff. And stuff.

Reality check: I’m not.

Who am I kidding?! My lack of creativity doesn’t even let me pass the entrance of the craft shop.

I like sports. I like being active. I like being outdoors. When it comes down to those sorts of things my ego tells me that I am a true too-cool-for-school mum. At least I have got that part covered.

It still kinda limits my activity options during the day.

Once we have been running around – literally – in the garden for half an hour or jumped around in the living room to loud music amongst all the Lego we have played with over and over again, well, my creativity for activities slowly dies out.

So what else have we been doing? Watched way too much Bananas in Pyjamas and Bob the Buider and Abby has finally learned how to play this “move the dot into the hole”-game on our iPad. Oh, and tipped milk and water out of our (Abby’s) cup a billion times, climbed the kitchen bench again and again, and, best of all, emptied the desk drawers from crayons and pens just to make sure they all work on a wooden desk. Sigh!

Tomorrow it’s Sunday, Josh has the day off work, Abby is going to her first soccer class (I’m quite excited for that), grandma is coming down for a visit, and hopefully we will be able to go for a surf too. All in all it sounds like a pretty decent day to me.

Now, if any mothers or fathers out there has any good advice on how to entertain and make sure a 21-month-old gets stimulated correctly at home you are more than welcome to share it with me. Share. Share. Share. Please. Thank you! Thank you soooooooooo much.

I’m off to pray to the pre-school Gods to give Abby a spot soon. For her sake, of course 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend y’all.

Mum Victory

One of the “I can do anything”-days.

A dad that studies at uni from 8-6 (7 on Mondays) three days a week and works shift-work the rest of the days combined with me being on my L-plates – because I never got around to get a license in Copenhagen, since everyone just use push bikes over there – and us living in a not-so central area makes it a bit of a logistic puzzle to get the days filled with both playgrounds, kindygym, shopping, swimming lessons, beach, and what not.

Sometimes we don’t even manage to leave the house. But…

Today I succeeded!

I managed to get Abby up and get us both ready to leave the house at 9 am. That’s early for us, since she is normally sleeping in (bless her) and I’m just soooooo bad at getting everything ready to leave the house in time. Never enough time, right?! I blame the kid. Just because I can now – before she arrived I had to blame the cat. Or the bus. Or the push-bike. Or maybe the TV for putting on THAT important reality show just when I had to get outta the door. Today she actually did do a poo JUST as we were ready to leave. True story.

Anyway, we caught the bus and went to kindygym. 45 minutes of pure awesomeness. They even have a foam-pit!!! Do I have to say that I use the equipment just as much as Abby?!

Then off to catch a bus back to our area. Do shopping for dinner. Get home just in time for lunch and nap-time. Gooooooodbye to all the calories it burns to walk everywhere with a stroller. Win.

The kid fell asleep. BREAK!…for 25 minutes. Then little homie Jagger showed up with his mum. I had to babysit him for the day. Two toddlers – what could go wrong.

I got this! Or so I thought…

I took the kids out into the garden. Everything was all fine and dandy. Then I witnessed my first live motorbike accident. CRASH! Homie Jagger went straight to the ground – concrete ground – face first. His little plastic motorbike all of a sudden went ballistic and out of control. Poor kid had no chance. So there I was. Abby on her way up the stairs, me with the washing basket in my hands, homie Jagger face down on the ground screaming.

Put the basket down. Run to the screaming kid. Make the body check: Is he bleeding – YES! Does he have his theeth. YES! (Thank God). Is it bad – YES! Does he need a doctor – probably not.

I was keeping calm on the outside while I was pretty much panicking inside. I mean, I only had to watch some other peoples child for one afternoon. I pretty much had one job. Yep.

Fixed it all with blood-stopping ice cream on the lounge in front of the TV. Happy days.

Should I ad that homie Jagger has never hurt himself for real before. Not like Abby who falls and bleeds every week because she climbs pretty much everything. So when his dad picked him up and saw his swollen lip and bruised face he got very quiet and pale and left in a hurry.

Abby’s dad came home a couple of hours later. As I mentioned in the beginning I pretty much succeeded at everything “MUM” today (except for the bleeding homie), so dinner was, naturally, prepared.

Family dinner. Story time. Toothbrushing. No problem.

To end a pretty loooooooong but good day I even managed to put Abby down, while daddy Josh did uni-work, with not even one whinge or “NOOOOOOO”. That does not happen every day. Today it did.

Ohh, the little victories of being a mum.

Now time for some lounging and crappy TV.

Over and out.

Lets celebrate

Another mummy blog is born! Hurray! This is a big day for me. A bit scary in a way but mostly awesome. Finally, I did it. Yay!

I did not see this coming just a couple of years back, though.

Honestly, I have always thought mummy blogs were a bit silly. Who would ever want to read about some stranger and her kid’s little unimportant adventures?! Then I had a baby myself and BOOM, I started to enjoy them. Not only mummy blogs. All kinds of blogs, really. Anything to keep me updated on the world outside of my little baby bubble – now toddler bubble. Anyways, especially mummy blogs have given me a lot of inspiration, comfort, laughs, and most importantly, they have made me feel less alone in this daunting new world of mummyhood. I mean, I have the responsibility of a little person’s life and development (hooooooly moly!). I found out that those little adventures are not unimportant at all and that even strangers can be friends during hard times and good times.

Mummy blogs – I love you! And I love all the mummies and kids behind those blogs. You guys rock!

Now, I hope that I can join all this awesomeness with my little blog, too.

I will blog about everything and nothing. About our everyday life as a family of three. I will write about good ideas. Frustrations. Happy times. Hard times.

And last but not least I will write about great things to do and awesome places to go with children in the Illawarra – so if you live here too, this is for you 🙂

Come back soon as I will be posting regularly – and even tonight I will make my first real “non-introductory” post. Exciting much