A bittersweet set of News and many drops of blood

Woooopti freakin’ dooooooooo!!! My little, exciting “giving birth in Australia”-adventure is coming closer and closer to the grand final. Actually, closer than first anticipated, since “they” just pushed my due date one day forward – so now the official estimated time of delivery is... November 15th 2015. And oh, what an adventure it has been [...]

Calm before the storm, hangovers, and a too happy Abby

Today it is Tuesday. Yep, you're welcome - you can thank me for that service announcement later. This particular Tuesday means that reality has struck in our little family. After a week of Josh being off uni followed by the October Long Weekend it is now back to uni and work for him again. We [...]

On popular demand

Quite a few people have asked me to upload pictures of myself wearing my big baby belly and I gathered that I should finally give the crowd what they want. However, I then realized that I/we have not taken a single belly picture during this pregnancy. Last time, when I was expecting Abby, I did [...]