Weekend Vibes

I love our weekends here in Brisbane. The everyday is up and down – but the weekends are special to us.

When we lived in Wollongong Josh worked shift-work and he very rarely had the weekends off and, anyway, we never knew if he did until Friday afternoon at 4 pm. so we didn’t have much time to plan anything. So yeah, back then weekends were pretty random. If Josh was working I was just hanging out with the kids like on every other day. If Josh had the weekend off we mostly went to Sydney so he could play soccer with his friends. It was actually pretty hyggeligt. I sometimes miss the continuety of knowing that I would hang out with some friends and have a beer or three on the weekend. If we had a “real” weekend, that is.

However, even if we often opt for the same activities the weekends up here are ours completely – and I really, really appreciate them!

Our weekends start out Friday afternoon, I guess.

Like, this Friday we took a ferry (free city ferry, I love it) went to the Gallery of Moderne Art Brisbane for a couple of hours, listened to some LIVE music in a park and went to the beach pool aka. South Bank with some friends before we went home to have a sneaky Maccas meal followed by our Friday movie and Friday lollies – that’s a tradition, don’t mess with it!

Saturday was pretty chilled. No big plans. The mood was good all around all day – not a given with three kids, I tell ya.

Today the weekend peaked at the beach. Being a bit homesick for Denmark I had to be reminded of why it’s so amazing to live here. Why we are so lucky to live in this little gem of a spot. And I was. Reminded.

People travel so far to experience this. We have it in our backyard. Well, a backyard an hour from our house, but still. Going here with friends on a normal Sunday in January is not too bad at all.

And ohhh my, the feeling of freedom when I’m out there on my board. Then I almost forget how annoying the girls were in the car on the way there…

…and now, as I write this in the car on the way home, all three girls are sleeping/relaxing with no complaints about life whatsoever.

The beach is always a good idea!

Dealing With the Big Bad Mommy Guilt

This past week has been a bit tuff around here. As I wrote in my last post I found out that I do have gestational diabetes and I have just been mentally and physically exhausted, to be honest. This lack of energetic surplus has made me feel like I’ve been a pretty shitty parent. I have been grumpy and my patience has not been able to cope with two small humans’ huge emotions and arguments. Ohh, the arguments(!) So, I must admit that the big bad mommy guilt has build up a bit when I’ve zoomed out and acknowledged that what I am doing is not what I actually wish to do – I just haven’t got the energy to deal with it, really.

That being said, I know that it’s time to adress the bad habits that are starting to build up. Because a lot of it is habit. An autopilot that kicks in when everything else shuts down and right now it doesn’t do me or the kids much good. Luckily I know from earlier episode like these that I relatively easy can adjust the autopilot settings if I remember to focus on it before it’s actually needed. If that makes any sense to others than me…?

If you have a little look at the books I ordered the other day it might clear things up a bit, since they are just a tiny bit reflective of my current mindset…….

Yeah, first step is to acknowledge you have a problem, right? Think I’ve gone a bit past the first step, then. Haha…ohh, dear. If only parenting was so easy as to read about it in a book. The thing is, at least it makes me feel like I do something to move in the right direction. That in itself has a pretty powerful effect on me – and often I do actually get some good insights or even some useable tools from these parenting themed books. Excited to find out if any of these are any good. Or if I will finally learn not to give a fuck, at least.

Well, well!

While I’ve been hitting myself in the head for not being a good enough parent we’ve actually been assured that our children are doing quite alright, nonetheless.

For instance, Abby’s kindy teacher told us that she believes Abby is a very intelligent child due to her way of problem solving, her creativity and her determination to learn letters and numbers. Also, which is what I find most positively surprising, she said that her language is very well developed for her age. This is something that has been worrying me a bit lately, actually. She still struggles with the pronounciation of some letters and mixes up words and such, and I have – of course(!) – compared her to other kids her age and found her language lagging. Now, her teacher tells me I am wrong. Very wrong. How awesome! She says that her vocabulary is quite developed and her sentence constructions are very mature. One proud and relieved mummy, right here.

Then later in the same week her swimming teacher told me that she is doing really well in her lessons – and that she’s really good at correcting her mistakes and working hard to become better. Now, I am not hoping for her to become an elite swimmer. Not at all, actually (do you know how early they – and their parents – have to get up every damn day to train?!). I do, however, hope that she will become recilient, strong and determined to reach her goals whatever they may be. That’s why it makes me happy. And again, proud!

It also gives me a bit of extra encouragement to keep on keeping on.

Because eventhough it all seems overwhelming at times and I feel like this mummy business might not be the right career path for me it reminds me that my children are doing pretty damn good so far – even if I am not a perfect parent 24/7 365. So maybe I should just take a chill pill and try to focus on the positives. I will. I am. Luckily there’s so much to focus on!

I mean, just look at them!

Big Changes – Small Humans – Huge Emotions

Actually, I was planning on writing a little weekly update with something about Josh being back at uni full-time and how we’re trying to get into somekind of a normal daily/weekly routine. But instead I will focus more on the girls and them coping with huge emotions and major changes – and also tell you a little something about another big (happy) change coming to their lives starting next Monday (what can it be?).

(Okay, I have included some random photos from our week – everyone loves photos, right?)

Because, you know, the week went alright. It had it’s ups and downs, sure, but we’re managing and adjusting and learning and getting better and better at living this Brissy family life. But instead of getting into too much details about all that I’ll rather write a little something about how the girls are and have been coping with their new life.

If we think our adult lives have been turned around lately it’s nothing compared to the girls’. They have never lived anywhere else than in Wollongong (at least what they can remember) and their entire world has been evolving around the same house, the same garden, the same preschool, the same friends, the same gymnastics school and even the same couple of playgrounds for, yeah, their whole life.

Then we, without much warning, took them out of their safe little environment and placed them in a new home in a new city where they don’t know anyone and where all of their normal, weekly activities have been replaced with random trips to Bunning’s and the occasional (pretty awesome) trip to Southbank or the local playground. In other words, they have not had much stability and have been rather understimulated socially.

All in all they have taken it like the little troopers they are, but especially Abby has been reacting a bit to it all. She has been rather restless and gotten into many, many conflicts with Billie due to pure boredom and frustration. It’s been a bit draining for everyone involved including the cats that have to deal with Billie’s rough love when she’s bored or frustrated at Abby.

It has helped a bit that we’ve started swimming lessons two times a week with them. She loves that and is always very excited to go there to swim and to see her friends and her swimming teacher.

Abby is a very social girl. She absolutely loves and needs her friends and there’s no doubt that her mood swings is closely connected to her missing her friends from preschool, gymnastics and our old hood.

At the same time she is also a sensitive little person – e.g. the other day her swim teacher told me that she got happy tears in her eyes everytime she saw that I was watching her swim in her lesson. So imaging what else is going on inside her. She feels a lot and she feels it big.

Friday morning she got a lot of very happy tears in her eyes ones again as we told her that we were going for a tour of her and Billie’s new preschool/kindy. That’s right, guys! We got them both into a kindy and they are starting next week(!) It’s still a bit unreal since we only got the call from the center early Friday morning and went for the tour and meet ‘n’ greet a little later that same day.

In front of the new kindy

Abby’s reaction when we told her was priceless. She started crying happy tears, gave us big hugs and said “yay, I’m gonna get new friends!”…ohhh, my heart! And the feeling didn’t get less positive after we’d checked the new place out. Both girls loved it there, so did their parents, and we left with a very good feeling in our hearts and stomachs. I think this will be very good for the girls – and for all of us. Actually, Abby already seemed a lot more grounded that same afternoon and I think this is exactly what she needs to really feel at home and happy here.

It’s all happening. Slowly but surely. Hey, even our house is turning into a pretty decent home these days. Still a bit fixing and painting left to do, but we’re getting there. And soon I promise to do a photo tour especially for you, right here on my lil’ domain 🙂

Happy weekend ya’ll❤️

Josh got into uni and I painted a door

Boom! Reality hits big time next week – and it’s quite okay. Josh got accepted into The University of Queensland today and starts his studies there next week. That is huge news for us, since we haven’t really known up until today if he would get into uni this semester or if he’d have to wait for the next semester start in July. Thankfully he can start now and I think it will be really good for both him and us that he will be able to concentrate 100% on his studies (and on family duties, but of course) and not worry about a job on the side for now, since that is the constellation we have opted for atm. Hopefully it will get him through his studies faster and with an even better outcome than if he worked nearly fulltime on the side.

I know I am excited for him (actually a bit jaloux, so am planning on applying for the July or February 2019 start myself) and I am pretty sure that he is excited to get back into his studies and even start at a completely new uni. Hey, he even got a new bike today so he can use it for his daily commute. He’s so Copenhagen, these days.

So yeah, those are probably the biggest news from our little family these days. Otherwise I can mention that I have finally found out where I am going to give birth to our third baby and I am even in ‘the baby factory system’ up here now. A bit of stress off my shoulders there, really.

Ohh, and the girls’ room is done, or nearly done. We still need to add some new furniture and some lamps and posters and stuff, but they can now use their room and they love it. It’s very obvious that they have missed having a base in the house that is theirs – with no clutter or moving boxes. We have a tiny bit less conflicts and more selfmotivated playtime now. Bliss!

Now we’ve moved our painting gear into the spareroom and will, hopefully, have that done by tomorrow night. I still have this utopian plan that we will be done with the entire internal part of the house come uni start for Josh – as in, on Monday. Yup.

Speaking of, I better get my painting outfit on and paint some doors or some windows or some skirting or some walls or…

We’ve got this!

Love M.

Sponsored by Wheat

If you are following my instagram account you might have noticed that lately I have published some photos and stories of the girls wearing clothes from the Danish brand Wheat.

The reason for this – besides that I sincerely love that brand – is that we recently started a collaboration with them where we receive some of their amazing clothes and shoes (from Bundgaard shoes) for the girls and in return I send them some photos of the girls wearing those before mentioned outfits. Photos they then use (or don’t) on their instagram and webpages.

It is the first collaboration we have done and to be honest I have been a little bit cautious about doing something like this. My instagram account is not a major one in the game so the brands I have been approcahed by so far have been something I didn’t really want to be associated with or simple wasn’t interested in testing/using/wearing (for me or the kids). So, I’ve turned all offers down so far.

Then Wheat contacted me a while ago and asked if I would help them promote their new Australian branch Wheat Down Under by being a so-called storyteller for them.

For the Aussies than don’t know, Wheat is a Danish kids clothes brand – which happens to be one of my absolute favourite kids clothes brands, actually. They make beatiful clothes of a really high quality, mostly organic and sustainable and they have a great mix of basics and more uniqe designs.

Hey, Billie even got christened in a Wheat dress. So yeah, we have been fans for a while and that definitely has made it easier to agree on the terms we have gone into this co-lab on. Terms that I actually find very fair.

So far it has only been fun for the girls. They haven’t been forced to pose anymore than usual(!) and they have been over the moon about the new clothes they have received. I control 100% which photos I send to Wheat Down Under so in that way I control which photos they potentially publish of my children.

If, for some reason, we wish to stop the collaboration we will do so – for now the girls are still having fun being little models and we can’t wait to get the new autumn and winter clothes soon. So much goodness is coming our way and the girls will be warm, dry and stylish all through autumn and winter, that’s for sure.

And if you, like us, love the suttle but beautiful scandi design and is a sucker for good quality go check their sites out – Wheat Down Under and for shoes and sandals Bundgaard shoes – you won’t be disappointed and might spot a Dalsgaard McMahon girl or two in there if you’re lucky 🙂

Love M.❤️

Our first two weeks in Brisbane

Two weeks ago we packed up our house in Wollongong and went on a one-way road-trip to Queensland to start our new life in Brisbane.

The view from our local river walk

Sometimes it seems like yesterday,but most days I feel like we have been Queenslanders for ages. Not that our house looks particularly neat or unpacked. At all! But it already feels like this is our home. Our neighbourhood is amazing, the street we live in is very central in Brisbane, yet at the same time it is really quiet and peaceful.

The girls can even ride their bikes and scooters on the footpath in front of our house while we keep an eye on them from the terrasse. Such a positive difference for us.

Our daily routine is still quite random. However, the girls have started swimming lessons twice a week so at least they have that to lead them through the week.

Since we arrived here just under two weeks ago, we haven’t had much time to paint and organize the house. The first week was rather hectic. We were tired from the move, my cousin was still visiting and we did do a bit of socializing and touristy stuff. Then Josh went back to Wollongong for 4 days over the weekend, so obviously I didn’t get much practical stuff done then. I mainly just kept my children alive and my sanity relatively healthy.

Now, we are ready to get into it. The painting, that is. And there’s a lot to get into. The house consists of two good sized bedrooms with rather big walk-in wardrobes, a smaller guestroom/office, a hallway, a bathroom, a big kitchen/living room, a laundry and an extra little toilet. Oh, and a pretty big – and awesome – terrasse. So yeah, it’s a decent size house…and it all has to be painted. A lot of work to come, but once it’s done it will be absolutely amazing.

First real room we’re painting is the girl’s bedroom. We’ve got this!

Today Reality Hits (buhuuu!)

This morning I took my cousin, who has stayed with us for 18 days, and Josh to the airport. 

My cousin is going home to Denmark and Josh is going back down to Sydney and Wollongong to finish off our old house, hand it over to the realestate and drive back up to Brisbane with the rest of our stuff in a van. 

Saying goodbye was not easy.

Now, the girls and I will be hanging out in our new home alone for atleast 4 days. No biggie. Or, to be honest it is a bit daunting. We’ve been living in a kind of bubble the past week. Tired and busy but at the same time excited to be in our new home and first and foremost, we’ve been together for 24/7. This is the first time I have to be on my own here in Brisbane – with the kids, that is. 

To play ‘single parent’ for several days is always a challenge – hats and glasses and shoes and make-up off for those who does it all-day-everyday. Seriously. You guys are legends! But to do it in a house that is still nowhere near an established home and in a brand new town and neighbourhood – that is going to be exciting. Lets call it that. Ohh, and ad a very tired, pregnant mum and two tired and emotionally overstimulated girls to the mix.   “Oh, dear!” as Mummy Pig would put it.

I have already made some pretty decent plans for us, I’d say, so we should be sweet We’re going to the pool, the skatepark and the playground(s). But of course. And we’re going to IKEA to eat meatballs, to Bunning’s to buy a plant or two and will probably also have dinner at McDonald’s. Because surviving mentally is more important than eating a balanced diet. Right?

So yeah, we’ve got it sorted. It will be fun……………………right?

Wish me luck, guys!

Love M.❤️