Exploring: Enoggera Reservoir

Today we jumped into a lake to cool down. It was fresh(water)! We went to Enoggera Reservoir, also known as Enoggera Dam. Such a great alternative to the beach on a hot day only 15 minutes drive from Brisbane CBD and quite a little gem, if you ask me.

The biggest downside to Brisbane is probably it’s lack of proximity to the beach. When the temperature is well above 30 and the humidity equals a pumping steam bath there is nothing more tempting than jumping into the ocean for a swim.

Luckily there are some pretty decent alternatives in or close to the city.

There is, of course, the beach pool at South Bank and several decent public pools with good facilities. However, there are also more natural options such as dams, creeks and waterfalls.

Today we went to check out Enoggera Reservoir – and one thing is for sure, we will be back!

Enoggera Dam

As the name suggests it is actually a water reservoir for Brisbane, so obviously it is not completely natural, but that’s okay. It was build in 1866, so it is fair to say that it has settled into the natural surroundings by now.

Even if it is man made back in the day it is beautifully positioned amongst the trees and bush land at the start of the national park. You truly get a feeling of being far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet Brisbane CBS is merely a 15 minute drive away.

The water is not pristine, clear and blue as the ocean, but compared to the sometimes quite wild waves at the beach, it was so nice to swim in the calm lake water – and the kids loved it.

There are no BBQ facilities or toilettes at the dam and the café located at the entrance to the park closes early, so I would recommend bringing food and drinks. A good occasion to give the ol’ Esky a workout, ay!

Besides swimming the area is also used for other recreational purposes such as kanoing, mountain biking and hiking. It is possible to rent kayaks and paddle boards at the site and it is very popular to bring blow-up swimming aids of all kinds.

Next time we go we will definitely combine the swim with a hike on one of the trails joining up with the national park – and visit the Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre and cafe, which unfortunately had closed when we got there today.

How to get there:

It was a 25 minute drive from our house at Kangaroo Point and well worth it – and still a lot closer than the beach which is an hour on a good day, easily 1.5 hours when the traffic is heavy.

There is parking at Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre at 60 Mt. Nebo Rd. The Gap, Brisbane QLD 4061. From there it is a 5 minute walk to the dam. The path is nice and wide and you can bring a pram or stroller if needed.

Don’t – as we did – just tap in “Enoggera Reservoir” to you GPS, unless you wish to drive up the mountains and stop in the middle of nowhere 🙂