Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Coming to Brisbane

…And we are going to their concert. Tonight. On a Monday. How rock’n’roll. Yeah, that’s just the kinda people we are. No worries in the world. Going out to rock concerts on random weekdays. Drinking a beer even. A(!) beer. Because we need to drive home – and pick our baby up on the way. Ohh, and tomorrow it’s Tuesday btw. School, preschool and uni day. Ain’t no sleep for the wicked.

It is the first time Lulu is being babysat by other than my parents for a couple of hours back in Denmark. Today we dropped her off at a friend’s house. A friend who is home “alone” with her own three kids tonight, but still happily takes on another (ours) – such a legend!

We just left there and the drop off went so much better than expected. I did worry a bit about it. Afterall, Lulu has never been with anyone else than us and she’s been a bit mummy and daddy sick lately. So far so good! To be honest I am mainly concerned that Lulu will be quite a handfull for Sophie the Legend if she gets sad. Having a crying baby is never fun, let alone if it’s not yours. I mean, I know Lulu will be absolutely fine – even if she cries. She will be cuddled and kissed all night long, I’m sure. Fingers crossed they will all have a hyggelig time

Meanwhile Abby and Billie are being looked after at home by our neighbour who is a such a darling. She’s a stewardesse and only got back from an overseas flight this afternoon. Thank God the “horrible” cyclone buggered off, so she could fly in today. The girls are loving her and they could not be happier being there.

Our Brissy village might be small, but it’s a good one.

So yeah, Red Hot Chili Peppers – at Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Brisbane Entertainment Centre. That sounds like it would be a venue in, like, Brisbane, right?

We thought so. It kinda is and then again not. It’s a 30 minutes drive north of the city, so we have just legt our bikes at home and jumped in our trusty, golden people mover instead.

So wild & free!

The tickets for the concert is actually my birthday present to Josh. He has always been a huge fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers, so it was a pretty safe buy. And a present that I benefit from as well. See, I’m clever like that.

We need this tiny break. We haven’t been out together without the girls since NYE, where we went out for dinner and were back before 10pm. Before that we hadn’t been out for years. Literally. Our last concert was Mø in Sydney while I was pregnant with Billie. That’s too long.

Now, I just hope the girls are all doing great and that their babysitters aren’t reaching breaking point anytime soon.

Soon we’ll be singing along to some hits from my teenage years. Can’t fault that. It will be good. Rock on!


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