Friday Mood

Friday is probably our favorite day of the week. Dooh! I mean, who doesn’t love Fridays? It’s a given, right?! Even if you – like us – aren’t working, Friday is still special. I don’t know, it’s something about the general mood of the town. That, and the fact that it’s socially acceptable to have an afternoon beer, because…it was such a long and hard week and…finally the weekend is here! You’ve deserved it. The beer, that is.

Today has been no different. The mood has been great and for the first time in a long time we have just been home doing home-stuff all day. Abby has been in school and Billie has been living the life with iPad and snacks galore. No complaints. Lulu is just her chiller self. She’s a pretty chilled baby in general. She’s happy as long as she can explore and do whatever she wants, really.

Anyways, I almost finished my mission of the day – my rearranging of our patio-project.

Before photos:

I still need to do a bit of painting and we need to get some lighting for the dinner area – potentially some pendants?

After photos:

Ohh, and we most definitely need more plants. It has been so hot lately that the plants have been struggling to survive on the patio, so we relocated them to our carport. Now some of them are back in action, but we need to get more, for sure.

I love this space now. It feels so much more like an extension of the house instead of just a patio. We’ve got ourselves an extra lounge room. Yay!

Tonight we will have our first BBQ here and very soon I will open a beer and drink it in my new, favorite coffee/beer spot.


Have a great weekend❤️

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