Bloody Bad News on a Rainy Tuesday

This morning I went to get the test results from my glucose tolerance test I had done last week and the results came back with some rather depressing news. As I was sitting in the waiting room at my GP I had a weird feeling in my stomach and it wasn’t (only) baby movements I could feel. I was nervous. I kinda thought “naaaah, it’s gonna be alright” – but at the same time there was this doubt and the “what if?”-feeling lurking in there too. The unpleasant feeling when you think you are in for some bad news very soon.


And I was right. As I got in to see my GP she told me that I do have gestational diabetes – and that it is pretty severe this time.

Somehow, I think I have known, since I had the test done a week ago. I felt really bad during and after the test – extremely weak and off. It just didn’t feel right, and obviously it wasn’t. Then today I got my suspicions confirmed.

When I was pregnant with Billie I did test positive for gestational diabetes, however, my test results were on the borderline and it was very easy for me to control it via my diet and, luckily, neither Billie nor I had any complications caused by it.

This time the test results are differently serious. My numbers are further off the recommended scale – and she even told me that I am in the risk group of developing type 2 diabetes following the pregnancy. Honestly, I felt like crying. Of course I knew I was in the risk group of developing GB, since I did have it in my previous pregnancy. But I also did not have it in my first pregnancy and I really hoped that it wouldn’t come back this time around, especially since my blood tests up until now have been fine and neither my old GP or midwife were concerned about it.

Now, I guess I just have to deal with it. It’s here and there’s no way around it. I will be going into the hospital later this week and join their GB-program. They will monitor me pretty closely and I will have to check my blood sugar several times a day, so that I can be sure that I do maintain a steady blood sugar level all day everyday up until the birth in May. I really hope that I will be able to control it via my diet, as I did during my last pregnancy, which means no more pasta and rice – and no more ice cream. Thank God, summer is over.

So, I have to get back up on my healthy horse and kick off the bit of guilt that I have build up inside me today…because, did I have one too many ice creams lately?

Ohh, and besides the whole diabetes thing I also have severe iron deficiency. No wonder I have been feeling a bit tired lately. Hopefully, the iron supplement will fix that issue relatively fast and together with a steady, healthy blood sugar level it will get my energy level back to normal (as normal as it can get when you’re 28 weeks pregnant) soon. That will be very much appreciated.

For now, I will hang out with my kids on the lounge until dinnertime. We’re having salad. And meat.

Love M.

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