Sponsored by Wheat

If you are following my instagram account you might have noticed that lately I have published some photos and stories of the girls wearing clothes from the Danish brand Wheat.

The reason for this – besides that I sincerely love that brand – is that we recently started a collaboration with them where we receive some of their amazing clothes and shoes (from Bundgaard shoes) for the girls and in return I send them some photos of the girls wearing those before mentioned outfits. Photos they then use (or don’t) on their instagram and webpages.

It is the first collaboration we have done and to be honest I have been a little bit cautious about doing something like this. My instagram account is not a major one in the game so the brands I have been approcahed by so far have been something I didn’t really want to be associated with or simple wasn’t interested in testing/using/wearing (for me or the kids). So, I’ve turned all offers down so far.

Then Wheat contacted me a while ago and asked if I would help them promote their new Australian branch Wheat Down Under by being a so-called storyteller for them.

For the Aussies than don’t know, Wheat is a Danish kids clothes brand – which happens to be one of my absolute favourite kids clothes brands, actually. They make beatiful clothes of a really high quality, mostly organic and sustainable and they have a great mix of basics and more uniqe designs.

Hey, Billie even got christened in a Wheat dress. So yeah, we have been fans for a while and that definitely has made it easier to agree on the terms we have gone into this co-lab on. Terms that I actually find very fair.

So far it has only been fun for the girls. They haven’t been forced to pose anymore than usual(!) and they have been over the moon about the new clothes they have received. I control 100% which photos I send to Wheat Down Under so in that way I control which photos they potentially publish of my children.

If, for some reason, we wish to stop the collaboration we will do so – for now the girls are still having fun being little models and we can’t wait to get the new autumn and winter clothes soon. So much goodness is coming our way and the girls will be warm, dry and stylish all through autumn and winter, that’s for sure.

And if you, like us, love the suttle but beautiful scandi design and is a sucker for good quality go check their sites out – Wheat Down Under and for shoes and sandals Bundgaard shoes – you won’t be disappointed and might spot a Dalsgaard McMahon girl or two in there if you’re lucky 🙂

Love M.❤️

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