Our first two weeks in Brisbane

Two weeks ago we packed up our house in Wollongong and went on a one-way road-trip to Queensland to start our new life in Brisbane.

The view from our local river walk

Sometimes it seems like yesterday,but most days I feel like we have been Queenslanders for ages. Not that our house looks particularly neat or unpacked. At all! But it already feels like this is our home. Our neighbourhood is amazing, the street we live in is very central in Brisbane, yet at the same time it is really quiet and peaceful.

The girls can even ride their bikes and scooters on the footpath in front of our house while we keep an eye on them from the terrasse. Such a positive difference for us.

Our daily routine is still quite random. However, the girls have started swimming lessons twice a week so at least they have that to lead them through the week.

Since we arrived here just under two weeks ago, we haven’t had much time to paint and organize the house. The first week was rather hectic. We were tired from the move, my cousin was still visiting and we did do a bit of socializing and touristy stuff. Then Josh went back to Wollongong for 4 days over the weekend, so obviously I didn’t get much practical stuff done then. I mainly just kept my children alive and my sanity relatively healthy.

Now, we are ready to get into it. The painting, that is. And there’s a lot to get into. The house consists of two good sized bedrooms with rather big walk-in wardrobes, a smaller guestroom/office, a hallway, a bathroom, a big kitchen/living room, a laundry and an extra little toilet. Oh, and a pretty big – and awesome – terrasse. So yeah, it’s a decent size house…and it all has to be painted. A lot of work to come, but once it’s done it will be absolutely amazing.

First real room we’re painting is the girl’s bedroom. We’ve got this!

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