Today Reality Hits (buhuuu!)

This morning I took my cousin, who has stayed with us for 18 days, and Josh to the airport. 

My cousin is going home to Denmark and Josh is going back down to Sydney and Wollongong to finish off our old house, hand it over to the realestate and drive back up to Brisbane with the rest of our stuff in a van. 

Saying goodbye was not easy.

Now, the girls and I will be hanging out in our new home alone for atleast 4 days. No biggie. Or, to be honest it is a bit daunting. We’ve been living in a kind of bubble the past week. Tired and busy but at the same time excited to be in our new home and first and foremost, we’ve been together for 24/7. This is the first time I have to be on my own here in Brisbane – with the kids, that is. 

To play ‘single parent’ for several days is always a challenge – hats and glasses and shoes and make-up off for those who does it all-day-everyday. Seriously. You guys are legends! But to do it in a house that is still nowhere near an established home and in a brand new town and neighbourhood – that is going to be exciting. Lets call it that. Ohh, and ad a very tired, pregnant mum and two tired and emotionally overstimulated girls to the mix.   “Oh, dear!” as Mummy Pig would put it.

I have already made some pretty decent plans for us, I’d say, so we should be sweet We’re going to the pool, the skatepark and the playground(s). But of course. And we’re going to IKEA to eat meatballs, to Bunning’s to buy a plant or two and will probably also have dinner at McDonald’s. Because surviving mentally is more important than eating a balanced diet. Right?

So yeah, we’ve got it sorted. It will be fun……………………right?

Wish me luck, guys!

Love M.❤️

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