So, now we live in Kangaroo Point

Wow! We did it! We moved to Brisbane – and we have no regrets. 

We do have a lot of work to do in terms of painting our entire(!) new home, unpacking, getting organized, finding a new preschool (which apparently is called kindy up here?!), new GP (doctor), new midwife, new gymnastics school, new swim school, new network, new bla bla bla…

But hey, things are sloooowly happening. I mean, I have painted the walk-in wardrobe in the girls’ room and we have found the box with party accessories, so we’re off to a good start, I’d say. 

Ohh, and we have found our new Bunning’s, Coles and, most importantly, IKEA. So yeah, we’re getting there. 

Moving with kids is always a bit of a hazzle, I think. And moving interstate doesn’t make it any easier. However, we are trying to make it as easy on them as possible. They were both little troopers on the long 1000 km. drive up here and they have taken in all the new impressions in style. Yes, they have been tired. So have/are their parents. Yes, there are some big emotions going through them, especially Abby, when they thinks about their friends back in Wollongong. Yes, they probably do get affected by the chaos that is our home at the moment. But they also have fun and experience a lot of new, exciting things every day. To them, for instance, it’s absolutely amazing that they can ride their bikes and scooters to the local park to have a play. 

And yesterday we went to a beach on Bribie Island, around an hours drive from our home. That was love at first sight. Never have I seen either of them jump in the waves for so long and with so much energy. They were loving it and Abby even caught some waves on her surfboard – with no complaints about the cold water. Because the water isn’t cold – at all. It is beautiful. Even I enjoyed swimming in it. Says a lot. 

I can definitely picture us going to the different beaches up here regularly, getting our surf on. Yay! 

For now we will keep on making our new house into our home, while exploring this amzing city and it’s surroundings. Ohh, and also attend to my cousin, who is currently visiting us from Denmark. We think (hope) she has a good time even though she has been thrown into the middle of our moving chaos and our tired tantrums 🙂 

I’ll try to keep you guys updated on the progress around our house and with our new life in Brissy in general. So stay tuned if you like to follow our new, exciting journey❤️

Love M.

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