BIG NEWS! We’re moving to Queensland!

I have been so very excited to be able to tell you guys these news – there has been a lot of practical stuff and paperwork and what-not that had to fall into place, but we can finally make it official that we are moving to Brisbane. Next week!

The butterflies are going nuts in my stomach as I write this. We are leaving the house and the area that has been our home for the past 4.5 years to move 1000 km. away – obviously saying goodbye to the well-known and safe environment surrounding us to say hello to a big, unknown city and, with that, new opportunities, adventures and hopefully an exciting future.

Our little house on the corner is up for lease already!

Two weeks ago all this was still nothing but a flimsy, dreamy idea. Then we went to an open house while on our weekend away in Brisbane – two days later we had applied and gotten accepted for our new, coming home. Just like that!

Is it daunting? Hell yeah! But in that good kinda daunting way, you know.

So, why do we do it?

The short version is that we need a change and ever since I came to Australia I have dreamed of living in the climate they have in Queensland, therefore it’s been obvious that we should look north.

The longer version is a bit more complex. We moved to Wollongong 4.5 years ago and we have never really settled in. We feel like we have definitely given it a fair chance here. 4.5 years is a long time, when you are not feeling at home and it doesn’t seem to get any better any time soon.

We also miss having some more opportunities close by. I miss the buzz of the city. I miss parks to walk in. I miss paths to run on. I miss being able to walk places. I am sooooo sick and tired of having to get into our car every time we want to leave the house.

Our new house is a cute old Queenslander in the middle of Kangaroo Point. Kangaroo Point is quite central in Brisbane and we will be able to walk or ride our bikes to several parks, to the river and even to the CBD if need be.

It will be sad and very emotional to say goodbye to the close friends and awesome neighbours we do have here, but we already have some good(yet new) friends in Brisbane, so we will not be completely alone in the beginning. I also have a pretty good gut feeling that we will build up a network there a bit easier and faster than we’ve been able to here. No matter what, we will definitely have each other and we know that we are pretty damn good at getting through ups and downs and everything in between together, so I don’t actually worry (too much) about it all – but yes, there is A LOT of practical stuff that has to be sorted very fast when you decide to move 1000 km away within two weeks. In case you were wondering đŸ˜‰

Last day of preschool in NSW

My biggest worry is, of course, the girls. How will they cope? How will a big move affect them?


Last day of preschool in NSW

Today Abby went to preschool where they were learning about emotions and feelings. The teacher asked them, what made them feel happy. Some answered ice cream, others answered presents. Abby answered Queensland! Maybe I cried a bit when I read that (on the preschool app). Maybe.

I hope and believe Queensland will make all of us happy!





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