It’s a GIRL…or is it a BOY?

The wait is over. We can finally reveal that we have a good looking baby on it’s way. Those were the exact words of the sonographer today, as I finally had the 20-week ultrasound done. At 21 weeks, because I have a goldfish’s memory when it comes to booking doctor’s appointments and stuff. Anyway, the baby has 10 fingers and 10 toes. A heart, that’s beating well. A couple of kidneys and everything else that a human being is supposed to have to function at a decent level. All good!


Whether it has my short – but ohh so strong – legs or Josh’s lanky danky long legs is still a mystery. That, we will reveal around May 29th. but we do have something else we will like to reveal to you here and now………….

IT’S A…………GIRL!!!!

Yep, another girl will join our tribe, Josh will remain the man of the house and we are very excited. Because girls are awesome! And all that really matters to us is that the baby is healthy and comes out ready to take on the world with us.


The ultrasound was a family affair. Josh, both of the girls and my cousin, Penelope was there. It was actually really nice and the girls thought it was very exciting to see their new little sister – until they didn’t find it that exciting anymore and Josh took them to the playground while the sonographer finished off the job. The sonographer, who was actually doing an excellent job. We’ll definitely use him again for our next baby…or…wait a minute…see you never, mate, but thanks!

Now, on to finding the perfect name for our third lil’ baby girl! Feel free to hit us up with all the great girls’ names you have in mind – because we’ve kinda used up a lot of the great ones we can think of already 🙂


Luv M.

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