Today our littlest human turns two. Two years! Honestly, where has that time gone?


Two years ago today we went to the hospital early in the morning. The little rascal did not want to come out on her own, so when I was 9 days overdue the clever doctors decided to force her out by induction.

It was a bit surreal to wake up in the morning knowing that this day we would definitely have a baby – yet, everything still felt absolutely normal. I had a shower, ate some breakfast and off we were. No stress, no rush. Nothing like we had expected due to Abby’s early and fast birth. Billie was in no hurry.

The induction went to plan and it didn’t take long until the contractions took off. Around two hours after Josh fainted for the first time, when the nurse put needles in my hands to begin the drip, the midwife yelled: “PUSH! She has to get out. NOW. The heartbeat is dropping!” And out she came. She wasn’t breathing at first but when she finally did we got the first idea of how loud this little person can be.

After Josh had recovered himself from the hard job of watching me give birth, he got up from the chair he had been sitting in during the entire show going in-and-out of consciousness. From then on he didn’t faint anymore and we could finally start falling in love with our, for us, HUGE newborn baby. She was 3.5kg. and 52 cm. Pretty spot on average, actually.


It wasn’t hard to fall in love with her.

She was the most chilled baby ever. She did not cry much, she slept a lot and she was generally just happy and content with life. Sometimes we almost forgot about her, because she would just be sleeping or hanging out on the floor watching the crazy show that is her family.


Those days are long gone. She can still be pretty chilled at times. But she can certainly also be a part of the family show. Actually, she is often the center of attention around here and when she turns on her charm and sillyness she’s second to none.

Billie Maja, you have grown into a very independent and strong little girl. You have so much personality and so much temper. Oh, dear. The temper. You sure know what you want, little missy.

But not a day goes by where you don’t make us laugh, not a day goes by where you don’t give us cuddles and ask us if we are okay. You are such a warm a caring little soul.

We all love you very much and it is sometimes hard to imagine those days where you were not part of our family yet. Those days, two years and a day ago. We are so excited be a part of your life journey and we can definitely not wait to hear more of your already pretty damn funny – for a two year old – jokes in the future.

Today we will open presents, eat cake and candy, play in the garden and play with balloons. Next weekend we will party like it’s your (and Abby’s) birthday! Yay!

Speaking of presents. I bought some pretty awesome ones from us and from my parents online. They didn’t get here on time so for now she got a cheap keyboard, a book and a potty for her teddy. Of course she loves it all. But I will still love to show you the toys that are on their way for her, because I am very excited for them to arrive:

A Micro Scooter from my parents, because they are awesome and Billie deserves her own scooter and not just have all Abby’s old and half-broken stuff.

Micro Scooter

A wobbleboard – unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on the original Wobbleboard – but this one from Kinderfeets looks pretty good too. Balance training, heaps of open ended play options and lots of fun to be had – for everyone in the family. Win! 

The tea set from Green Toys because Billie loves pretend play and because I love Green Toys. Such good quality and no harm to our kids or the planet. LOVE!



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