We have kept a little (huge) secret for a while, but now it’s finally official. As we announced on Facebook and Instagram the other day we cannot wait to welcome our third baby in May 2018. I say May, it could be June. The due date is set to the 29. May, but Billie was 9 days overdue so yeah…it will definitely be in 2018.

And we are all very excited. As a matter of fact I think I am more excited this time around than I have been with the other two. For several reasons, I guess, but mainly because I know this will be our last one – yes, it will – and I am quite determined to enjoy every little bit of the whole baby experience. I will enjoy it as much as I possibly can with two additional little rascals to look after simultaneously. I know how fast time flies by. It really isn’t just a cliché. Hey, Billie turns two next week – I feel like we got her a blink of an eye ago (and a life time ago at the same time…).

Sisters connecting
Baby Billie a couple of weeks old
Baby Abby’s first milk & first solids

Also, I am probably a bit more grounded in terms of pregnancy, giving birth and taking care of a brand new human. Even though no child is the same and all that jazz we are pretty confident that we know how to wing it all by now. At least we know for sure, that we just gotta take things as they come, go with the flow and, hopefully, it will all be alright…

And yes, it was planned. Actually it’s the most planned baby we will ever have. Maybe that’s partly why I’m so excited too. Abby was not planned at all. Billie was kinda planned. The considerations wether to have another baby after Billie or not have been pretty thorough. Should we just keep it at two? After all, two is a party, I tell ya. But three would potentially be a rave, right? Who doesn’t love a rave!..and then my cousin had her third baby in May this year. A beautiful little baby boy born on the 29. May – yes, that would be baby #3’s due date – and it made me clucky. It also made me convinced that baby #3 is a great idea. And there was no turning back. The decision was made. We would go for #3. Case settled!

Then we decided that it would have to be soon. Of several reasons.

We are seeing how Abby and Billie’s relationship is growing day by day the older Billie gets and the relatively small age gap between them seems to work quite well, so why not go for the same one again? Actually, the gap between Billie and #3 will be almost exactly the same as between Abby and Billie. So yeah, we nailed that one.

Then there’s the fact that I cannot run away from. My age. I am now 35 years old and will be (just) 36 when our third baby arrives and personally I find it a good age to stop the baby making game. Mostly because I really want to get it overwith. It sounds a bit cynical, I know, but it’s true. Not that I don’t like having little babies in our house. I love it. But it’s also hard work and it’s nice to know that we will be past that point when I reach the big 4-0(!)

There were also some practical considerations coming into play like Josh’s studies, us not knowing exactly where in the world we’ll be in four-five years, me going home with the kids anyway (I do like to go back to work and/or study again someday)…and bla bla bla…

Bottom line is – we made a decision. And tomorrow I am 13 weeks pregnant. Yay!

So, on Tuesday we finally went for the 12 weeks ultrasound. We had to bring both the girls – and why not. This baby will be just as much a part of their lives as it will of ours and now they are very much included in this whole baby #3 project.

We hadn’t actually told them what was going on until we were on our way there and they both got really excited when they realized that mummy has a baby in her tummy.

Of course, Billie doesn’t understand much of what’s actually going on, but she can see that we are excited and Abby’s excitement definitely rubs off on her. She loves babies and, for the record, she is NOT a baby herself anymore. If you should make the HUGE mistake of calling her that. So help you, God!

To witness Abby’s reactions have been quite touching, actually. Last time she was Billie’s age when I fell pregnant, so this time she is obviously much more aware of what is going on – and what it all means for her in the long run. We didn’t know exactly what to expect from her. She likes babies but she’s not obsessed with them like other kids can be, so it wasn’t a given that she would love the idea of another little one in the house. But she is extremely excited. She keeps telling us that she can’t wait until the new baby arrives and she can’t believe she’s going to have another sister or brother soon.

Both of the girls were very interested in seeing the baby on the screen. Until they weren’t interested anymore, that is. Then they were just being noisy and impatient.

And lets just talk about ultrasound people for a bit. What’s the deal with them? I might just have been unlucky, but every single ultrasound I have had has been done by someone who basically didn’t communicate with us at all. Only a bit of mumbling…”there’s a foot”…”there’s the brain”…”mmm”…”mmmm”…No emotions. No smiles. No questions. No nothing. Maybe they are just trying to be professional, but surely they can be professional and still show just a tiny bit of human interest. At least acknowledge the two children in the room a bit. Yes? No? Anyways, she did do a good job in terms of doing her actual job. She was very thorough and the baby seemed to have all the features a 12 week old feetus is supposed to have. No more, no less. So far, so good.

Excited much ❤

The sex is still a surprise but we will keep you updated on that matter in around 8 weeks time.

Until then, bring on the joy of the second trimester, please. Because I am pretty much over this first trimester thing. I have been feeling the morning sickness on a daily basis the last couple of months and I have been extremely tired. The morning sickness is annoying. It’s not cool to constantly feel hungover without going to any parties, but for me the worst part is the constant tiredness. Lack of energy is poison for me. It affects my mood and combined with hormones on steroids that’s really not a good combo. So I am hoping that one of those amazing second trimester energy boosts (that’s a thing, right?) will come my way very soon. Fingers crossed!

In the end, to all the many, many lovely people out there wishing us congratulations – we cannot tell you how much it means to us. It melts our hearts to know that so many people around the world are following our little journey and care for our family. Thank you guys!

There’s definitely room for one more




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