Today I woke up exhausted. For some reason I couldn’t sleep last night as I was feeling sick and miserable. The same night both of the girls slept really well for a long time and Billie and I had the bed to ourselves, since Josh worked nightshift. Typical.

Josh hadn’t even come home from work yet when the girls woke up and the thought of hanging out with them the entire day – preferably out and about so Josh could get some decent sleep – seemed like a completely unfeasable task.

So, when Josh finally got home he was my knight in shining armour and called the preschool. The girls only have one regular day at preschool, but we have the opportunity to put them in on a casual basis if there are any free spots available for them. Today was one of those days where I really, really hoped there was a spot for them.

Listen, I don’t want to sound as if I don’t want to hang out with my children. I do. I love hanging out with them. But I hang out with them a lot and it can be hard, I tell you. I am very happy to admit that and I am not embarrased to say that sometimes I need a break. Actually, so does the girls. The vibe between us all gets so much better when we have a little break from each other once in a while. Especially if the adult one of us is tired and semi-sick with energy levels that does not go well with two little energetic terrors’ need for stimulation.

Well, it turned out that the preschool gods were partly on my side today. They did have a spot for Abby but none for Billie. Fine, I’d take that. At least that would give me a break in the middle of the day when Billie would go for her nap.

I took the girls down there and it was the opposite world when I had to leave. Billie got very confused and even sad as she realized she wasn’t going to stay. Because she had to say goodbye to her favourite preschool teacher, Teleia.

Teleia completely makes the difference between Billie loving preschool or hating it. We have certain issues with the preschool the girls go to – but when Teleia is there it’s not too bad. At least we know that someone “sees” our child(ren), shows her the presence she needs, gives her positive attention, and gives her cuddles all through the day.

Billie loves her. Abby loves her too. All the kids love her. And I can’t blame them. She is present. She is energetic. She is caring. She’s responsible. She’s a fucking star, that’s what she is. As we had to leave she checked an extra time to see if they could possibly keep Billie there, but unfortunately they were all booked out. All good.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Billie & Teleia @preschool disco

But then, at 10.30 am. the phone rang. It was the preschool and at first I thought they called to tell me that I had to pick up Abby due to illness or something. Bummer! But no, Teleia just wanted to let me know that a kid in the baby room had called in sick and that they now had a spot for Billie too.

Best phone call ever (at least this week, so far). Teleia could just have let it go. She didn’t have to call me – hey, I remember how nice it was back in my working-in-daycare days when a kid called in sick. One kid less to worry about during the day – but she did call me. Partly because I am sure she wants to help out and partly because I actually believe she enjoys having Billie there, after all she’s her little homie. Maybe the last bit is just me being naive and if so she has me fooled which is completely okay. It only shows how damn good she is at her job.

I told Billie that she got to go to preschool anyway and she cheerfully said: “I’m going preschool. Abby! Teleia!

Billie having fun with Teleia @preschool today

Today Teleia was not only Billie’s star. She was my star too.

Thanks to her, here I am. Just chilling on my little blog, drinking my *hot* coffee and I will probably eat chocolate pretty soon. This Monday is just what I needed.

So hell yeah, I love my kids’ preschool teacher. At least today. On other days I might just think she’s heaven sent. No biggie.

Hope your Monday is filled with love too ❤


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