Talk, talk, talk. We are incredibly good at talking about all the awesome things we wish to do with our kids – unfortunately, we are less good at actually doing it. Something to work on there, for sure.



Hiking, for example. Ever since Abby was a teeny tiny human we have talked about all the amazing hikes we wanted to go on with her. Hey, fair enough, we have been hiking with her, but not nearly as much as we would like to. Especially after Billie has joined our little tribe the frequency of our hiking adventures has stagnated rapidly.

Then the talk continued. I started talking about getting a backpack carrier to carry Billie in. She has never been a huge fan of being in a regular baby carrier. Thinking back we should have gone all-in on slings and ditched the Ergo carrier from the beginning. How annoying is it to get your kid into the Ergo when you’re alone? Or is that just me? Not a fan here. Anyways, I had a hunch that she would be more comfortable in a backpack carrier and I was right. Originally I wanted to get it for our holiday in Thailand in January/February. Well, that didn’t happen. And boy, do we regret that now – because we have just learned how good such a carrier is.

A couple of weeks ago I was doing some Flybuys window shopping and I found this Phil & Teds baby carrier in there. It looked pretty decent AND we had enough points to buy it. Instantly redeemed.

So, a week later we received our brand new Phil & Teds Escape child carrier at our front door. Two days later it was time to test it out.BILLIEJOSHCARRYOur first real hike in like forever was a huge success. We chose an easy track suited for beginners and children called the Brokers Nose Summit Traverse. For any locals reading along we went to the top of Mount Ousley and stopped at the truck stop on the south bound side. From there the trail goes North-ish into the bush and since the trails are non-marked it was a tiny bit exciting if we were actually on the right track. I must admit that I was slightly doubting our route at some points, but we managed to find our picninc destination/turning point where we indulged in food and snacks as if we hadn’t eaten for days…We had lunch just before we left home. One gets hungry from all that hiking, I tell ya.HIKELUNCHVIEWHIKEJABILLIEFOODBillie and Abby were little troopers on the entire trip. On the actual hike Billie was mainly in the carrier – which she loved. She, however, did let Abby try it out for a little while – she loved it too. ABBYJOSHCARRYABBYDADHIKEActually, she loved it so much that she refused to walk any longer when we told her she had to let Billie get her seat back. She just sat down and refused to move any further.ABBYTIREDHIKEAt this point we had walked about 200 meters from our picnic/turning point. It seemed like a very long 2 km we had left to walk. Then something got to her and she, literally, ran and laughed the entire way back to the car. At one point she ran so fast that we lost her for a moment. That girl sure can run. We got some decent exercise on our way back and to Josh’s big pleasure we put some meters behind us – fast.

It was a hot day and when we started hiking it only got warmer and warmer. Good thing we brought a lot of water – to drink and to splash in our face when things got hot.SPLASHABBYWe didn’t have too many expectations to begin with and basically just went with the flow at the pace of the girls. We definitely didn’t get disappointed. The track is not very long – we walked around 4.5 km. in total – but it is very varied with cliffs to climb, open areas with breathtaking views of Wollongong and if it hadn’t been so dry lately there would even have been creeks and small waterfalls to splash in too. We can definitely recommend this little trail if you are looking for an easy, yet fun hike in the Wollongong area.ABBYSTICKWHATISTHATHIKECLIMBHIKEABBYRUNMORBILLIEBILLIECUTEHIKEHIKEThere are bush trails everywhere in our local area and we have no real excuse for not going exploring them anymore. So, just bring on those bush walk adventures. Bring on kangaroos. Bring on waterfalls. Bring on rain forests. Bring on scenic views. Bring on rock climbing. Bring on fun family times.

Bring on tired kids after long, active days outside!BILLIESLEEP












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