The Final Countdown For Denmark is ON

In four days I am flying to Denmark with the girls – without Josh. I cannot wait – but frankly, it is a bit stressing to be inside my head these days. My mind and body is filled to the brim with excitement, anticipation and a pinch of anxiousness. Most of all, I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends. To get home.


If everything goes to plan, Josh will join us in Denmark in late June, after his exams are over and he can get time off work, and eventually travel back to Australia with us on the 25. of July.

So, not only will I have to travel alone with the girls, it also means that we will be in Denmark without him for around five weeks. Five weeks where the girls won’t see their dad. From my perspective, that’s a very long time for such young children to be separated form a parent and I really have had to put up the cons and pros of going through with this.

It took quite a lot of consideration but in the end the pros exceeded the cons and I am now positive that we have made the right decision to travel separately.

Us being away will give Josh peace and quiet to study for his exams without having the girls (or me) constantly craving for his attention. It can be rather stressful for both him and me during exam periods and this will make it easier on us.

Furthermore, the girls and I will have enough time in Denmark to see most of the people we wish to see and to play tourists for a while, but we will also get the opportunity to just ‘be’. To settle in. To relax. And most importantly to build relationships between the girls and their Danish family. It takes time – and we have it.

I cannot wait to see them connect with my family again.


Me traveling alone around the world is not a first. I’ve done it solo and I have done it with Abby when she was one year old and just before she turned two. So I am basically a pro, right? Well, as I got back from the last trip I swore to myself, that I would never. EVER. fly alone with small children again. Jup!

And here I am. About to venture out on the longest flight I have ever been on and I am bringing with me not one but two young children.

As Abby says: ‘It’s okay to change your mind, if you want to’.

My wise child.

Life happened.  I got stronger and I also got weaker. So I changed my mind.

I have been incredibly homesick this past year. I really miss spending time with people that I know – and who knows me. I miss fitting in. I miss not being the odd one out, as I still feel here sometimes. I miss eating Danish food. I miss speaking my language.

I miss seeing my children playing with my nieces and nephews. I miss being able to relax. I miss letting my guard down and just being my parents’ daughter. I miss having my sister around. Hey, I even miss my brother’s humor.

I miss it all so much that I have build up the strength and the will to embark on this trip alone with the girls.

I am already very focused on the goal. I know it will be all worth it in the end. That feeling, that I know I will have once I see my dad in Copenhagen Airport, is the best. I seriously imagine the relief and satisfaction I feel can be ranked somehow alongside finishing a marathon or an ironman. This is my current ironman – and I will finish (you can track my race on


I prefer flying to Denmark with Thai Airways because their route to Copenhagen via Bangkok is one of the fastest, and because I know Bangkok Airport in-and-out by now. Besides, I have only experienced really good service with them, and I also appreciate that they allow 30 kg. free luggage and not only 23 kg. as many other airline companies do.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get the tickets with Thai Airways that I wanted so instead I booked with Qatar Airways. I have never flown with them before, but the total flight time on their route to Copenhagen via Doha is almost the same as with Thai Airways. However, the first flight is 15 hours long(!) That is the longest one stretch flight I have ever done. Gasp! The good thing about it is that once the 15 hours are over, the remaining flight to Copenhagen is only 6.5 hours – no biggie.

Qatar Airways also have 30 kg. free luggage. It seriously means a lot when we previously have brought home a toddler bike, a coffee machine, coffee mugs, a lamp, books and other random, heavy stuff that surprisingly fits in normal suitcases.

We are flying out of Sydney at 9.30 pm. so it is mainly a night flight, which means the girls hopefully will sleep for several hours out of the 15. Fingers crossed Billie will get a separate seat so even I can dose off for an hour or three without a rather big toddler on my lap. If dreams come true.

No matter what happens – time will pass and we will eventually reach Doha. When we do I will definitely be very tired, but I will also be very, very happy to have come so far. And the other passengers probably wish they are not catching the same connecting flight as us.


Now, all the packing is left to do. I have not started yet. Never change a winning team, so I will probably do that on Monday. My birthday is on Sunday and we will celebrate a bit over the weekend. Maybe even go for a birthday surf in some whitewater somewhere, if I am lucky.

I will also have to do a little bit of shopping to store up on snacks and entertainment for the trip – and before I know it we will be ready for take-off…

…Denmark bound!

Danish summer showing off!


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