One Of Those Mornings – Following One Of Those Nights

Confession time: all I was thinking about this morning was to get my children out of the house, to preschool, and I did not spare no effort to get them there. Or well, I kinda did. I cut all the corners I possibly could to achieve my goal of the morning, actually.

I did not brush their teeth. I promise to brush them extra carefully tonight. Promise!

I did not brush their hair. Not that it makes much of a difference, since I am absolutely incapable of doing their hair nice, anyway.

I almost – ALMOST – didn’t bother buckling them into their carseats. I reconsidered that as a scenario with a drug addict in a Commodore rushed before my eyes.

Ohh, and Abby is still wearing her pyjamas pants as I write. Or well, it’s not actual pyjamas pants, it’s the same pants she was wearing yesterday, which she slept in because getting her ready for bed last night was priority: non-excisting. No, last night her adorable little sister took all the attention.

Billie could not settle at all yesterday and as bedtime was approaching she got more and more whiny. I have never really believed in the full moon having any impact on the human sleep cycle, but I am seriously starting do doubt my otherwise tenacious scientifically based beliefs – after conducting a profound analysis of the situation, of course.

I checked her temperature, it was normal.

I looked for new teeth coming through, couldn’t really see any.

I checked her body for a rash, nothing out of the ordinary.

I offered her food and drinks, didn’t want any.

I changed her nappy, didn’t make a difference.

I put her doona on. I took her doona off.

I sung to her.

I cuddled her.

I even asked her if she was in pain – she said ‘nej, nej, NEEEEEEEEEJ’ (Danish for ‘no’).

I could not find any ‘normal’ toddler sleep issues causing her restlessness. A restlessness that kept on the. ENTIRE. night.

They say the sound of a crying baby is the most stressfull sound in the world. I tend to agree with them. Especially when you are already tired and thought you were going to have some relaxing kid-free time and indulge in red wine from your newly purchased wine glasses.

Instead of enjoying my wine in the evening, I was stressing about getting my restless child to sleep, and later on in the night I was stressing about my own sleep deprivation caused by afore mentioned child.

While I was lying in bed listening to her wimp every 5 minutes, I kept focusing on how uncomfortable it was. How annoying it was that I didn’t have my personal space and that she was, literally, lying on top of my head. I need my sleep to function. And I was tired.

Then my mind wondered off – it does sometimes. Often, actually.

It went to a scenario that will happen in less than two weeks. 11 days to be exact, but who’s counting? When I will fly alone with the girls to Denmark. Our first flight is nearly 15 hours long – 15 HOURS!

If I could only have the luxury(!) of lying down during the flight – even if it did include a 18 month old kicking me in the face – it would make the trip a breeze. And, believe it or not, this little mind trick that my own mind played on me actually had a positive affect as it made me relax and basically accept the situation.

So yeah, I still didn’t get much sleep – but at least I didn’t stress through the entire night, either.

I did stress this morning, though. Billie was still a bit sooky and Abby was craving attention. I was not in the mood to parent at all. I had a goal to reach, right. Kids aren’t that goal inclined, I have learned. Unless the goal is ice cream or a new pony. Going to preschool early isn’t really on their list of awesome goals to achieve.

We left the house with the radio running, the heater on, the milk still out on the kitchen bench. And I still only managed to get them to preschool at 9.30am. That’s pretty average. So if I achieved my morning goal – not really. I did, however, go out in public in my pyjamas pants.

Now, I think I might go and brush my teeth.


Happy Friday, peeps ❤


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