Today is a pretty average Wednesday in the Dalsgaard-McMahon household.

Josh is at uni and Abby is in pre-school all day. That means I have a whole day alone with Billie, which again means more time to focus on her needs and more opportunity to give her attention and kisses, since there is no threenager going “MUM! MUM! MUM!”…all. the. time.

But hey, it also means I have a tiny bit of time to myself when Billie naps. Such a luxury. Seriously. As a matter of fact, she is sleeping as I type. I could, and probably should, spend this time doing chores around the house. It sure would be sensible. I am not always the sensible type, though.

Instead I sit here in front of my laptop, listen to music, drink coffee, and dream big and small about the summer that is fast approaching.

Yay! I absolutely love summer. Especially here in Australia where the weather is guaranteed to provide us with sun and heath waves. Ohh, you won’t hear me complain about it being too hot. This viking, from the land of the unstable summers, is soaking it all up.

So here I am, getting all cheery and happy dreaming of what to come.


I dream of going road tripping with my little family. Just pack the car with tents, surf boards, sunscreen & snacks and leave all our worries behind for a while. Byron Bay, I hope we finally get to meet.

I dream of summer evenings in our garden watching the sunset over the lake & the mountains while the girls are getting exhausted from playing outside all day long.

I dream of getting away on a surf trip without kids. Ohh, wouldn’t that be awesome. 

I dream of finally getting that charcoal barbecue and taking it to the beach for lunches and dinners and indulge in an abundance of slightly burned sausages and corn cobs.

I dream of a flourishing veggie garden that provides us with organic goodness all summer long.

I dream of getting a pool in our backyard. A small one will do. For now. 

I dream of getting a hair cut. Sure need it.

I dream of hanging out with the girls at the skatepark teaching Abby that girls can be just as awesome as boys in a concrete playground.

I dream of getting back in shape, go for long runs in the heat and getting soaked from sweat. Just to get home and jump into our pool in the backyard. 

I dream of exploring Sydney. There is still so much of that city that I haven’t seen. And so many places that I wish to get back and experience some more.

I dream of sipping drinks and drinking cold beer with friends on our terrace. 

I dream of going with the flow and having lots of time with my little family during the holiday with no plans and no stress.  



Hopefully dreams do come true.

Lets make them!


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