There is this little game over on Instagram where people post 20 random facts about themselves to let their followers get to know the human behind the pretty little squares.

I have been tagged in this game a couple of times, but I have not yet shared any facts let alone 20. However, I actually do like the idea. So, I have decided to join the game, not on Instagram but here on my blog.

Instead of 20 facts I have cut it down to 10 facts for now. My idea is to throw in 10 RANDOMS about me & my life whenever the urge to do so emerges. Most likely after one of my runs – just got back from one now – since they often make my thoughts jump all over the place. That’s another story, though.

Now, here we go. The first 10 random facts about yours truly.

  1. I was born in Odense, Denmark in 1982. That makes me 34 years old now. Wow. I still have to show ID when I buy alcohol, though. I choose to take that as a compliment and always feel a little bit sorry for the alcohol-shop-dude when he realises how old I am. He always gets embarrassed and comes up with a bunch of excuses. “Dude, you just saved my day, okay. Thanks!”
  2. My dad used to own a chocolate factory and it was pretty much just as awesome as it sounds. Not so much because of the chocolate, since I actually found it kinda boring to eat chocolate back then, but I absolutely loved hanging out at the factory itself. It was only a 5 minute walk from our house and it was definitely my happy place when I was a child. So much to explore, so much to experience. Unfortunately it got sold when I was around 12 years old. I swore back then that I would grow up, get rich and buy it back one day. Still waiting around for that day to arrive. Hmmmm…
  3. I am a cat person. I am not a big fan of dogs. I find most of them rather annoying and I don’t trust them. At least with cats you know they are little a**holes and the worst they can do is scratch, whereas dogs can seem so friendly and loving and then bite your head off the next minute. Seriously! Okay, I guess I am scared of dogs.
  4. I was a major tom-boy when I was a child. I actually wished I was a boy for many years. I even looked like a boy and most of my friends were boys or other tom-boys (see photos above). I still find it a lot easier to be around guys than girls/women, especially initially when I meet them. I think it is the reason why I sometimes find this mummy world a bit daunting.
  5. I love beer, especially craft beer. Always beer over drinks. Unless the drinks are free. Free always tastes good.
  6. I am currently on antibiotics for my ingrown toe nail. It has been bothering me for years and I am finally getting something done to it. First antibiotics and afterwards an operation. I can’t wait to be able to run, jump, surf, walk, swim…anything really…without pain again. Bring on the active summer!
  7. I love coffee, but not in the morning. Unlike most people I need to eat my breakfast and wake up a bit before I have my first (of several) coffee of the day.
  8. I have never broken a bone (knock-knock) in my body. I blame that on quite a decent balance and a great bunch of luck.
  9. I only just got my license last year. Yep, still on my red P’s (the license system here in Australia lets you drive with restrictions in the beginning) like all the other young mums in the area. However, I am ready to go for my green P’s now. Hopefully I will nail that test so I can drive a bit faster when we go for road trips this summer – as we have several in mind. Yay!
  10. I held the record in the javelin for years in high school. Even several years after I graduated my name was still on top of the record sheet.


That’s it for now, folks. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about who I am. It was actually easier to do this than I had anticipated, so maybe it won’t be long until another 10 RANDOMS hits this little blog of mine.



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