As I described in my last post My Brother Was Not Okay, we recently went through a tragic episode in our life as we lost my oldest brother to suicide.

In the days and weeks following the sad event everything was obviously very scarred from it. But what about now, as we have gotten a bit of distance from it both time wise and physically, hanging out on the other side of the world?!

Life does go on. It kinda has to, I guess. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about my brother in some way or the other and I also miss my family tremendously. It has been especially hard lately because my dad turned 75 two weeks ago and our entire family was gathered at my parents’ house over that weekend – I really, really would have loved to be there. The major downside of living so far away is missing out on those special days and with all that has happened in our family lately it just seemed as the only right place to be that weekend.

However, the everyday life and even the not-so everyday life has crept up on us Down Under. Having small children forces one to just keep on going, even when it is harder than tough. It can be a good thing.

Sickness Galore

After we got back to Australia we have literally not experienced a single week without any sickness in our family. Whether it would be forever lasting colds, gastro, influenza, constipation, crazy coughs, ear pain or even a trip to the hospital. We’ve been there, done that. It has been draaaaaining. Geez, it has been so draining. Sick children is absolutely no fun, and combined with sick parents it is just a bummer. Besides watching our children in pain, the worst is by far the sleep deprivation. The two adults living on these premises are both very dependent on their sleep, I can tell you. The two children don’t seem to give a sh*t about that, though. I guess them being sick, give them some sort of excuse for keeping us up all night, but unless my tired brain chooses to forget it, I will get them back in their teens, that’s for sure 🙂

Spring Came Along

One of the absolute best things about living in Australia? By far the weather. Ohh, I love, love, love the sun and the warmth we get so much of here 7-8 months a year. Maybe I appreciate it so much because I come from Denmark, the country where the sun pretty much goes into hibernation 8 months a year.

As soon as we hit September on the calendar the change of season means business and spring starts showing off.

The days are now getting longer, the air is getting warmer, and it is soon time to pack the heaters and the extra rugs away. Yay!

I am getting SO excited for summer, sun & beach days. We have jumped the gun and gotten a couple of days with sand between our toes (and in Billie’s mouth) already. It feels gooooooood and we are more than ready for more. Bring it on, summer.

And Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have a Poo!

I sure did expect that I would write a lot of shit in this little blog of mine, but I didn’t actually think I would literally write about shit – human shit aka. poo.


(TRANSLATION of Josh’s artsy toilet chart: Lort = poo, prut = fart, tis = wee)

The above mentioned constipation was caused by a fear of toilets. Yep, that’s a thing. At least that was my conclusion as Abby stopped wearing a nappy, and at the same time she pretty much stopped doing poos during the day – mind you, she normally does several, the little poo machine – so this mumma put two and two non-excisting poos together and figured this was the reason for her waking up screaming in the middle of the night. Night after night.

So, as you now know, we do cherish just a little bit of sleep around here and because we actually really hate it when our children are in pain, we decided to put her back into her nappy most of the day. And just like that, the poo machine was back in function – and the constipation and nigthly awakenings stopped.

Until one morning where she, out of nowhere, went to the toilet and did her poo. Just like that. No pressure. No bribe. No persuasion. She was just ready and it turns out she will not start uni wearing a nappy. Hurray!

Normal is the New Black

So here we are, Abby is finally out of her nappies, Billie is doing her baby thing – growing, learning, getting cuter by the day – Josh is half way through his semester at uni, I try to get to yoga frequently so I can one day reach my toes again, and later today Josh’s sister Sarah is coming down to stay the night. The footy semi-finals are on. I go for the Storm, because I like Melbourne and I don’t actually care about footy. Hey, I might even take advantage of the lovely weather today and go and mow the lawns. Someone has to do it.

Life goes on – and that isn’t too bad, after all.

Have a lovely weekend everyone ❤




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