I’ve Given Myself A Challenge

It’s so easy to climb into a bucket of self-pity and hide when life gets though and the days are more about survival than anything else. I should know, since I’ve pretty much lived half my life inside that bucket. With my very fragile mind, I am extremely vulnerable as soon as things start to get a bit challenging. Especially when I don’t get enough sleep and autumn is knocking on our door, all I wanna do is hide from everyone and don’t deal with life, pretty much.

Back in the days, I would probably do just that: Hide. Fortunately, that’s just not an option anymore. I have to get up. I have to change nappies. I have to play with LEGO. I have to kiss it better. I have to negotiate nap-times. I have to make dinner. I have to get through the day. I really just have to deal with life…And I’m so thankful for that. It keeps me out of the bucket. However, I can still dip my feet into it once in a while and sometimes be very tempted to jump to the bottom of it and stay there.

But you know what? I’m not given in to temptation and it’s time to get rid of that damn bucket together with the far-fetched analogy of it. From now on I’ll do my best to be pro-active instead of inactive.

This morning Abby woke me up just after 7 am. Normally I would hate getting out of bed, especially after yet another night of interrupted sleep, due to Billie’s coughing and waking up constantly. Today was different. Maybe it’s because of the daylight savings, or maybe I just felt energized because I’m ready to stop feeling sorry for myself. I’m ready to get my energy back!

So, I went for a run in the rain. It was absolutely amazing. The run itself was nothing to write about – so I’ll keep that to a minimum – but the whole experience was great. Feeling the rain in my face as I ran along the deserted beach, listening to the sound of the waves  that drowned the music from my ear-plugs, and getting my pulse close to maximum – right there in that moment: I felt alive.


I took that feeling home with me, and even now, while I’m sitting here writing this, I have it in my body and my mind. The energy I gained from those 45 minutes of exercise lasts all day, and the endorphins it created makes it a bit easier to tackle the day’s challenging tasks, and that’s why I love it. Well, together with the fact that it makes me feel better about myself, it burns fat, builds muscles, and it gets me back in shape, but I hope you get the point of the bigger picture here: exercise is the best freaking energy supplement and happy pill on the market.

Here we go – I’ve given myself a challenge:

This April I intend to run at least 5 kilometers at least three times a week.

For some this might seem like a lot of exercise, while others might think it’s nothing at all. Right now, it suits my shape and it’s also realistic to get it done time wise – a very important factor to think into the plan when having a family.

My favourite running route is approximately 5.5 km long, but I can easily adjust the length by running along the beach, it’s very hilly, and has some beautiful views of the beach and the mountains, so it gives me plenty of challenge running wise and simultaneously feeds my mind with lots of impressions. Perfect.

Her is the route and – not so impressing – data from my run today:



In 4 weeks we will go up to Port Maquarie to support a friend of ours who is competing in Ironman Australia up there. I have enormous amounts of respect for him, and knowing how disciplined he has to be with his training until the race is a big inspiration for me. I still have a little dream of finishing an Ironman race myself one day, but for now, I’ll keep it realistic and if I’ve completed my own little personal challenge once I cheer him on, it will be a tiny victory for this mummy.

I got this!


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