We’ve Started Billie On Solids – Didn’t Bother With Puree

Why bother with puree and baby rice meal, when you can have popcorn? I know what I prefer.

Yesterday Abby had popcorn. Like she has every other day, really. Josh and I are way too quick to give in when she is nagging us, because she’s “soooooo hungry” – but won’t touch an apple. She loves popcorn, just like her mummy. She also loves sharing – even her beloved popcorn.


So, when I was preparing dinner, Josh was doing whatever, and Billie was playing happily on her playmat, Abby decided it was time for her 4-month-old little sister to taste the snack over them all: Popcorn. She was even so kind to help her put it in her mouth for her, and then leave her alone, so she could really get a good taste of it.

How long she had it in her mouth for only Abby knows, I just know that I reacted like a mean baby rescue machine, when I went in and saw Billie with red eyes laying on her back, gagging on a popcorn that was stuck in her throat. It took about 1/1000 of a second to get her up and literally force the popcorn out of her mouth by turning her upside down. Thank you gravity!

Afterwards, the emotions started rolling in and I might have shed a little tear or two. Honestly, it scared the sh*t out of me. Both because of the immediate disaster that we just prevented, but also due to the fact that it can, and probably will, happen again any day, any time. We’ve tried to explain Abby, that she never ever is allowed to put anything in Billie’s mouth. However, she obviously doesn’t understand which devastating consequences it can have, so we really can’t leave those two alone together. Not at all.

This whole “having a toddler and a baby in the house at the same time”-project is starting to get real around here. “It’s never boring”, they say. I say: “There’s never gonna be a chance to get privacy in the bathroom again.”

For now, I think we’ll wait a month or so to introduce any further solids to Billie – and I doubt it’ll be corn porridge when it happens.

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