My Toddler Loves My Delicious Cooking

It’s sooooooo delicious, mummy!

 Yup, today Abby for the first time used the expression ‘delicious’.
She said it with so much passion that there was absolutely no doubt; it came straight from the heart. And she said it – about my cooking!
Who would have thought?! Little Miss “I don’t laaaaaaaaike it” absolutely loved what I dished up for her today. She ate and ate and ate with utmost pleasure and just kept repeating those magic words: “It’s so delicious, mummy”. I can assure you, my mummy heart was melting right there at the table. And my breathing relaxed, since there, for once, was no arguments or crying or complaining about the food that was served. Bliss!
So, where can I get the recipe for this amazeballs gourmet toddler meal, you wonder?! Right here!
For the first time ever – potentially also the last time, so consider this extremely exclusive – I bring you one of my go-to recipes:

  • First you put approximately 2 liters of water in a pot. Bring to the boil.
  • Ad pasta.
  • Boil for 10-11 minutes, or whatever it says on the package, until al dente (or whenever you remember that you even put it on).
  • Drain.
  • Ad olive oil. Lots of olive oil. Mooooooore oil. “I WANT OIL!!!”
  • Plate.
  • Drizzle with freshly grated parmesan for serving, if you feel like fancying it up a notch, and if your toddler, like Abby, is loving her cheese.
  • Serve a salad made from tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum on the side. Act happy when you get all the capsicum put onto your plate, because “it’s weird, mummy. You eat it”.


Happy toddler, happy mummy. And tomorrow we worry about nutrition and veggies and protein. And stuff.

Now, nap-time.

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