Our Brand New Baby is 3 Months Old

Hello Autumn, where did you come from?! Last time I checked the calendar it was spring, I was still pregnant, and I couldn’t wait for summer to come and bring us all it’s awesomeness.

It came, it saw, it conquered. And then it was gone. That summer just flew past like it never really happened. I vaguely remember something about a newborn baby, my parents visiting from Denmark, a Sydney wedding, a 30th Birthday, a Blue Mountain trip, a Melbourne roadtrip, a camping trip, a visit from my friend Signe from Denmark, and lots and lots of good, family times. And here we are, 3 months later. Holidays are over and it’s time to get back on the blog for this mother of two.

Wow. I am a mother of two, beautiful little girls. I never thought I would have any girls, and now I have two. Just like that. Or well, it did take a looooooong pregnancy to cook the last one, but now she’s here and we are all very much in love with our little Billie-Boo.

Billie Maja Dalsgaard McMahon was born in Wollongong hospital on 24. of November 2015, 9 days overdue and approximately 30 seconds after I heard the words;

”Ok, you need to get this baby out. NOW! The heartbeat is dropping. PUSH!”.

At the time I felt like I had been pregnant forever and I was more than annoyed at her for staying in there so long. The little bugger even wanted to stay longer. Only exited because she was forced out, when I got induced. Now, I don’t mind it too much. The date is really easy to remember – exactly one month before Christmas (Danish Christmas, that is). I still struggle to find a similar way to remember Abby’s birthday.

Right now, Abby is in pre-school, Josh is at uni, and Billie is sleeping like the baby she is in her pram outside – like the Danish baby she is – and I am eating grapes and drinking coffee, while chit-chatting away to you guys here on my little blog. It almost feels like I’m doing the “real” maternity leave thing. You know, where it’s all about a sleeping baby in a pram, a coffee to-go and long walks with all the other new mums around the lakes, after a relaxed brunch with a bunch of perfect, happy babies at the local café. That’s how it is, right?

Actually, I really do enjoy that Billie is a lot better at taking naps than Abby ever was. Abby only took tiny little powernaps, when she was a baby. She was always happy, but she was also always awake.

Billie likes her naps. Just like she likes her food. Those two things combined apparently makes babies that come out of even small-bodied mothers grow at an incredible pace. To be honest, I don’t know exactly how big she is these days, I just know that she is rapidly growing out of her size 3-6 months clothes, and I’m starting to get body-builder arms just from carrying her around. I do often get quite amazed that I actually made her. Not in a “ohh my god, I can’t belieeeeeve I made her”-way, more like a “ohh my god, she’s huge and I’m tiny, how can I possibly have made her”-way. Then she shows her little personality, which is starting to shine through, and just like that, I don’t doubt that she’s mine anymore. Girl’s got a temper. Just like her mummy and her sister. Poor Josh.

Now, the little, chubby, bunch of loveliness is waking up soon, so I better finish my coffee, eat my last grapes, and end this, somehow hectic, blog off. It’s good to be back online and once I get another maternity leave-moment I wish to spend it drinking a lot more coffee, eating more grapes, and writing another post in here. One can only dream.

Until then, hopefully, the autumn will bring lots of heat and sun and beach-days, because the summer simply went way too fast around here 🙂




2 thoughts on “Our Brand New Baby is 3 Months Old

  1. Det er faktisk en meget præcis beskrivelse af min barsel her på Østerbro, altså gåtur om søerne, masser af latte, kage, brunch og medmødre. Du skulle til at prøve det med nummer 3..det er slet ikke så skidt 😘


    1. Stop! Her gik jeg og troede, at det blot var et utopisk glansbillede, som der absolut ingen grund var til at gå rundt og savne eller misunde, og så siger du, at det rent faktisk er virkelighed. Damn! Jeg kan så afsløre, at jeg hungrer efter en helvedes masse to-go kaffer og sø-gåture i medmødre-selskab (eller andet selskab for den sags skyld). Men…nummer 3 ligefrem 😉 ❤


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