A bit about reaching the due date and a tribute to a family member

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Last Thursday we went to see the midwife. She had a good feel inside me – sorry about the details – and her face lit up as if she had found gold in there. “Wow, no wonder you have quick labours. You are pretty much ready to give birth…(something about how soft it all was and that I was already dialated 2-3 cm.). We’re just waiting for the contractions now. And when they come – it will be a fast one”. She very much doubted that I would even make it through the weekend still being pregnant.

That made us quite excited!

Then, yesterday we reached the magical due date – now it’s Monday. Still no baby!

“Relax, have long showers, read a book”, the midwife said…I’ve done all that. I’m very clean and well-groomed, but all this showering, relaxation and chill-out apparently only makes this baby extra comfy in there, so – today I’ve mowed the lawns! Lets see if that can kick-start the labour. If not, at least our garden looks decent now.

So yeah, the past week has been characterized by this weird waiting game, but it has also provided us with some very needed and valued family time. With Josh being on holidays from uni and work, and his sister, Sarah living here as a stand-by babysitter the house is full of life these days. True to say, that Abby has been happier than ever – having both her mummy, daddy and her “faster Sarah” around all the time is pretty much heaven for her. It makes my heart melt to see her so happy – hopefully, she will keep up the good mood when she has to share all that attention with her little sister soon. I have lots of faith in her 🙂

Speaking of faster/aunty Sarah – she has shown us what family is all about! So far she’s been living with us for a week(!) just in case the baby arrives, and we will need a babysitter for Abby immediately – and I must say, that I don’t know what we would have done without her around the past week. She’s been the best au-pair ever! Playing with Abby when I’ve been too tired – which happens quite often – and just given us that little bit of “air” that is worth everything these days.12226521_1072224382817662_1739477418_n

Tak Sarah!!

We hope you get to go home soon 🙂

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