Who would have thought

A lot of things can be said about me, but for anyone to call me organized or say that I am always working very methodically and is dependent on my (non-existing) calendar, would be as wrong as claiming that it’s okay to buy fake, cheap, rip-off Lego.

You just don’t do that!

I’m probably more a “lets just take it as it comes, there’s plenty of time” and “we’ll be fine” kinda person – with all the good and bad it brings along.

Or so I thought…

Apparently, I do have a little organizer devil living inside me, who gets the shits when it doesn’t go her way. And I can tell you, she’s not happy these days.


Well, technically there is exactly one week until my due date, but that is irrelevant. The little organizer devil had put into my mental calendar, that I would give birth just around week 38. Now I’m in week 39. And I am counting!

The old me would take it pretty easy and just go with the flow until it happens. When it happens it happens, right?! Well, it better happen soon! I am so damn ready. As ready as I can get, I guess. I’ve even packed a so-called hospital bag this time – but has already eaten most of the snacks I had put in it (the hospital is not very well-equipped when it comes to snack purchase options and no way I’m going down on snacks in there).

Besides, Josh has his end of year exams at uni coming up next week, so it would be convenient if the stress of “is it now?!” was over prior to that. The odds that it happens during one of these exams are now not as bad as they have been. Damn it!

On the bright side, tomorrow Josh’s dear sister, Sarah comes down to stay with us, and she is planning on staying until the baby arrives. That will give us – especially me – a bit more peace of mind, since I don’t have to stress about the risk of having Abby around during the labour.

If things go as expected it will be a very fast birth, since Abby took less than two hours to get out, and, apparently, it normally goes even faster with the second one, so we don’t have enormous amount of time to organize babysitters and get to the hospital – if we even make it there.

We’ll see…

What I have learned so far during this pregnancy is that it’s true when they say that no pregnancy is the same, and no matter how much you try to prepare and plan – nature does it’s thing. Or doesn’t!

So, now I’ll go to sleep and if it happens it happens. If not…it happens later.

Now, underneath you can see a few examples of how organized Abby is. I guess, she doesn’t have it from strangers, after all 🙂

12067261_10153852653276844_1852240585_n 12165814_10153852654816844_1360257435_n 12053108_10153852654976844_1462900134_n



One thought on “Who would have thought

  1. Hehe totally know what you mean about getting peeved with things don’t go how you imagined them in your head. My second baby was a measly 4 days early and I’d had him pegged at busting out during week 37. Livid, I was! Fingers crossed yours arrives very soon xx


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