A bittersweet set of News and many drops of blood

Woooopti freakin’ dooooooooo!!!

My little, exciting “giving birth in Australia”-adventure is coming closer and closer to the grand final. Actually, closer than first anticipated, since “they” just pushed my due date one day forward – so now the official estimated time of delivery is…

November 15th 2015.

And oh, what an adventure it has been so far!

In fact, it has been quite an emotional and, at times, very frustrating ride – mostly due to one of the most incompetent GPs (general practitioner/doctor) in the southern hemisphere. He has not only been slacking on the information that he has provided me with; he has also directly misinformed me about some very significant issues. So yeah, to put it mildly, I am not very impressed with him. I could talk about all the fuck-ups he has done for a looooong time. I’ll spare you from most of it and just mention the biggest one he is guilty of.

6 weeks ago I had a routine glucose tolerance test done. I didn’t think much of it. The results came back and my “dear” GP interpreted them for me. He explained that my blood sugar levels were a bit high in the test, but he would still not worry about it. So neither did I.

Not until yesterday, when I finally – only around 7 months too late, but who’s counting?! (blame it on the GP) – went to see a midwife at the hospital. For the record, she was absolutely amazing!

She was extremely thorough and gave me more information in those almost two hours I spent with her, than I have been given during the past 9 months.

So what news did she give me?

From looking at the information she had received – exactly the same as my GP has – she did not only tell me that I have severe anemia, she also told me that I actually do have gestational diabetes.

Yaksy! I did not see that one coming. At all…

Not knowing a whole lot about gestational diabetes I had lots and lots of thoughts and fears and worries running through my head – and it didn’t help that I went home and spent the whole evening on Google.

What did help, was when I went to a seminar about gestational diabetes today – my awesome midwife reacted immediately and put me straight into the system, so even though it was, officially, diagnosed so late, I will still be able to act on it and try to “do the right thing” for a while.

Today I learned a whole lot of new stuff about food, carbohydrates & insulin, and I also learned how to check my own sugar level with a little needle thingy. Ohh, so many drops of blood will flow from my fingers the next couple of weeks. Maybe I have pierced myself a little bit more than necessary today. Maybe I find it all a little bit exciting. And maybe I also made Josh bleed – just so he can feel what it is I have to go through and to see if he would faint from it. Maybe.


So, on the positive side, I feel a lot better tonight than I did 24 hours ago. Now I know that I probably haven’t fucked up our daughter, because I wasn’t aware of my condition, and that there is no reason to feel guilty or scared about it. I also feel good that, at least from now on, I can be pro-active about it for the remaining time of the pregnancy.

Sugar is a no-go and that is probably a good thing, anyway.

Now, I do hope that the remaining 3-4 weeks of carrying this little human around inside me won’t subject me to any more surprises. This “giving birth in Australia”-adventure is very welcome to become ordinary and non-action packed from now on. Please!

My midwife did say: “you poor thing, this is really not what it is normally like in Australia”…and I do choose to give her the benefit of the doubt. She has already provided me with names of two other GPs I should go to, just in case I will want to have another baby anytime soon(!)

Lets just get this one healthy into the big world first 🙂

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