Our new family member has arrived!

We are so pleased to announce that our newest family member has moved into our home and hearts and we are all very happy and healthy. There has been a tiny bit of jealousy from both Abby and our fat cat, Mis, but they both seem to be getting used to the new, little one slowly but steadily, and I am sure it’s just a matter of time before they both love him just like Josh and I do.

Yes, him. It’s a boy!

And we have named him Maximus or just Max or Maximis or Maxiflaxi or Maxikaxi or …*put in whatever name you like, because I tend to give him (and Abby and Mis) several new nicknames every day*

Here he is. He’s a ranga and he’s proud of it 🙂 …and there’s a bit more text after the photos too.





On the more serious side. Kinda. As crazy as it may seem to get a kitten 5 weeks before we’re due to have a new baby added to the household, we have actually put a bit of thought into it. A bit.

Ok. I have this idea, that it’s good for Abby to get this little kitten before her whole world gets turned upside down by a little sister. The kitten, as a little baby, does take some amount of attention away from her, and she does have to adjust a little bit to make it feel safe and at home here – she has already learned, that playing her xylophone as hard as she can, makes it run and hide under the couch for hours. To her big surprise. She obviously thought it would love a little music to wake up to. Who doesn’t?!

Besides that, we do hope that the two of them will learn to love each other, and that Max will become a good little friend to Abby in the months to come, when Mummy and Daddy have to give the new baby attention or food or a new nappy or etc.

So yeah, that’s our way of justifying getting a kitten right now. To be honest, it’s probably mostly because the two grown-ups in the house couldn’t resist, but lets just say it’s for the child’s sake.

Btw., it’s Josh’s cat. He insists on that. And he does get to empty the kitty litter too – a huge benefit of getting a kitten while pregnant, guys. Pregnant ladies aren’t allowed anywhere near the kitty litter, “they” say. And I listen to “them” a lot, in this case at least 🙂

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