Calm before the storm, hangovers, and a too happy Abby

Today it is Tuesday.MoiSH2 Yep, you’re welcome – you can thank me for that service announcement later.

This particular Tuesday means that reality has struck in our little family. After a week of Josh being off uni followed by the October Long Weekend it is now back to uni and work for him again.

We have, however, enjoyed having some much needed family time this last week(end). The weather has been absolutely beautiful with temperatures reaching 30+ degrees and perfect bluebird skies, so we have done lots of little, summer-ish, family things together.


Most important: We went for our first swim at our local beach! Yes! It was absolutely gorgeous and refreshing and it felt sooooo good to swim again. It made me feel like a fish in the water instead of a whale on land for a bit. I will probably take Abby down there again today when she wakes up from her nap. Ahhhhh…

Josh also made a home-made pool out of an old blow up mattress in the garden, as you can see in the pictures. Abby absolutely loves it! She has been saying “too happy, too happy” many, many times while playing in it. Safe to say kids’ toys doesn’t always have to be fancy and expensive to spread joy.
I would like to have a “real” pool, though…one that will fit a blow-up mattress with me on it holding a drink in my hand. Thank you!


AbbyWaterPlay1 MoiAbby2

Besides that, Josh has been out with his football team (soccer, that is) for their yearly piss up. I think he is still a little bit hungover from that. Meanwhile, I spent time with a pretty lady who is even more pregnant than me, and while we possibly envied the guys being out and about a bit, we actually managed to have a great time in the Sydney suburbs. And admitted, I felt pretty satisfied that I was not hungover the whole next day. I think I enjoyed the sun and the heat a lot more than he did – poor guy. I didn’t even feel really bad for him. Sorry, skat (darling).

Naaaaaah, I was actually very happy on his behalf that he got to relax a bDaddyTiredit without having to deal with a pregnant girlfriend, a super active toddler, a demanding work, or a very intensive uni course for a day. He will have plenty of all that in the days and weeks to come.

Josh has got his exam dates for uni: 10th, 11th, and 12th of November. Our new baby’s due date is on the 16th. Potentially, that is absolutely perfect timing. Possibly, it is completely terrible timing. I am already picturing in my head how I’ll get to the hospital and give birth alone while he’s sweating it up over some crazy complicated math.

Anyway, we can’t really plan us out of the baby arrival, so we just have to deal with it when it happens, but no matter when she decides to show up, the next 5-6 weeks will be quite intense for our little family. I will get more and more pregnant – and tired and hot and emotional – while Josh will get busier and busier the closer the exam dates come. Abby will probably just be her normal independent self, and since her exploring and curious personality seems to be flourishing these days, I think it is safe to say that we are in for an eventful handful of weeks.

Hopefully, the weather will let us go to the beach a lot, and ohh, we just love daylight savings. We are already enjoying the extra time we have in the afternoon/evening to play outside in the garden and eat our dinners on the terrace.

Spring just makes it all a bit more fun, together with the fact that it is all over within a foreseeable future.

Then – baby time! And summer!


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