Do something for yourself, he said

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I have a pretty awesome boyfriend, I must admit.

Don’t tell him, though. It’ll make his ego fly to the moon and beyond. It’s already pretty big. That ego of his. It probably has something to do with an IQ-test we took recently. He might have beaten me. Only by a very few points, of course. But yeah, he did turn out to be slightly more intelligent than me – that makes him very intelligent!..

These days he’s working a lot next to his uni studies. That combined with me being 32 weeks pregnant, emotional, bored, and frustrated that my body feels like a fat 80-year-old’s is not the best combo ever seen on planet earth.

Today, for instance, Abby is in pre-school and Josh has been working all night, so he has been sleeping all morning. Then, when he woke up he had to go straight to uni. And there I was. In my chill outfit feeling all depressed about not knowing what to do with myself – cleaning was not an option and my brain did not care about writing texts for work at all. Ohh yeah btw., not many of you know but I actually have a job now. I’m working as a text writer for a Danish company. The work is not exactly rocket science but it does put a bit of cash money into my account. Much needed.

Anyway, today I was not in the least productive, which actually makes me feel sick and tired of everything. Myself included. So when Mr. Productive woke up just to go straight to uni, I was being all emotional and even cried when he had to leave. Not a very pretty sight, I tell you. What he did? Gave me a hug, cleaned off the mango I had stuck to my chin from breakfast, and told me I should do something for myself today.

Boom. Just like that and he made my guilty conscience about my depressive laziness vanish.

So, what to do?! Watch a movie or read a book would only make me fall asleep today. I had a long, nice bath yesterday and actually find it rather boring. The weather sucks so doing something outside would not be very joyful. I could get drunk, smoke cigarettes, and play dart on the balcony. Then again, not really. Solution…

I’m back on the blog.

He made me write again without even saying so. But I realized that this is actually one of the things that makes me feel good. Something just for me. And it does feel rather good to be back in the blogging game, actually.

Now, this ode to my hard working man better stop before it gives him too much “i’m sooooo good”-ammo to use in the future – just a bit of well deserved praise once in a while will do.

Hopefully, I will be back with more blah blah from Down Under in the near future, when I take some time to do something for myself again – I’ll do my best to make that before another six months.

Take care! And try to do something for yourself today. It works wonders.

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