Dear Pre-School, give us a spot. Now!

Weekend. Weekend. Weekend. IT’S WEEKEND!

You might have read my post about having loads of energy and being a Victory Mum earlier this week?! Awesome, right?! Yeah, that’s not so much the case anymore. Mayn, ohhhh mayn, what a long week this has been.

Let me just start out by promising that I will never ever again claim that parents who choose to stay at home with their children are taking the easy way out. Promise! Holy moly, to entertain a toddler for a whole week in a row is pretty hard work, I must admit. Neither will I agree with those who claim that it is always the best option for the child to stay at home with mummy/daddy/granny. But I won’t get further into that discussion now.

Right now I am as pro daycare, or pre-school as it is called here, as any mum could be.

Being home alone with Abby basically every day from Sunday through to Saturday has made both me and her go a tiny bit nuts. Especially since the weather suddenly turned from beautiful summer to “wait, am I in Denmark on a rainy winter day?”-grey, which made it less than boring to walk to playgrounds or beaches with the stroller. Hence, we have been home a lot this week.

In my pre-kids-life I always pictured myself as becoming one of those cool mums that does all sorts of cool stuff with my kids on rainy days. Like, creative stuff. And stuff.

Reality check: I’m not.

Who am I kidding?! My lack of creativity doesn’t even let me pass the entrance of the craft shop.

I like sports. I like being active. I like being outdoors. When it comes down to those sorts of things my ego tells me that I am a true too-cool-for-school mum. At least I have got that part covered.

It still kinda limits my activity options during the day.

Once we have been running around – literally – in the garden for half an hour or jumped around in the living room to loud music amongst all the Lego we have played with over and over again, well, my creativity for activities slowly dies out.

So what else have we been doing? Watched way too much Bananas in Pyjamas and Bob the Buider and Abby has finally learned how to play this “move the dot into the hole”-game on our iPad. Oh, and tipped milk and water out of our (Abby’s) cup a billion times, climbed the kitchen bench again and again, and, best of all, emptied the desk drawers from crayons and pens just to make sure they all work on a wooden desk. Sigh!

Tomorrow it’s Sunday, Josh has the day off work, Abby is going to her first soccer class (I’m quite excited for that), grandma is coming down for a visit, and hopefully we will be able to go for a surf too. All in all it sounds like a pretty decent day to me.

Now, if any mothers or fathers out there has any good advice on how to entertain and make sure a 21-month-old gets stimulated correctly at home you are more than welcome to share it with me. Share. Share. Share. Please. Thank you! Thank you soooooooooo much.

I’m off to pray to the pre-school Gods to give Abby a spot soon. For her sake, of course 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend y’all.

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