Lets celebrate

Another mummy blog is born! Hurray! This is a big day for me. A bit scary in a way but mostly awesome. Finally, I did it. Yay!

I did not see this coming just a couple of years back, though.

Honestly, I have always thought mummy blogs were a bit silly. Who would ever want to read about some stranger and her kid’s little unimportant adventures?! Then I had a baby myself and BOOM, I started to enjoy them. Not only mummy blogs. All kinds of blogs, really. Anything to keep me updated on the world outside of my little baby bubble – now toddler bubble. Anyways, especially mummy blogs have given me a lot of inspiration, comfort, laughs, and most importantly, they have made me feel less alone in this daunting new world of mummyhood. I mean, I have the responsibility of a little person’s life and development (hooooooly moly!). I found out that those little adventures are not unimportant at all and that even strangers can be friends during hard times and good times.

Mummy blogs – I love you! And I love all the mummies and kids behind those blogs. You guys rock!

Now, I hope that I can join all this awesomeness with my little blog, too.

I will blog about everything and nothing. About our everyday life as a family of three. I will write about good ideas. Frustrations. Happy times. Hard times.

And last but not least I will write about great things to do and awesome places to go with children in the Illawarra – so if you live here too, this is for you 🙂

Come back soon as I will be posting regularly – and even tonight I will make my first real “non-introductory” post. Exciting much


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